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Warning action of the school students at the Tbilisi Sea: 'Nobody protects you here! Do not be next victim!'


On August 10, from 09:00 am to 11:00 am, the participants of the Summer Green Camp of the CENN held another action nearby the so-called waterfall at the Tbilisi Sea, where the River Aragvi joins the Tbilisi Water Reservoir. 

The action was planned by the students of the Summer Camp of the Bulachauri Green Center, who won the Niko Ketskhoveli Prize of the CENN. They join the Campaign – Swim Safe.

The participants of the Summer Camp held previous action at the Tbilisi Sea on June 30 – they erected warning banner to replace the demolished construction, which warn the citizens about the dangerous site for swimming. With the support of CENN, video was produced and published in social network

Several people drowned in the Tbilisi Sea, where the students held actions; among the victims were children. Regardless the problem, the Tbilisi City Hall does not install warning banners in the area. The July 24 judgment of the Tbilisi City Court has not been enforced yet, based on which the administrative lawsuits of the two victim families were satisfied and the Tbilisi City Hall was ordered to arrange warning banners nearby the so-called waterfall. The City Hall is also ordered to construct 2, 5 meters high wall in the area to keep the people away from the dangerous site. 

The addressees of the action of the students were the citizens, who despite the danger swim near the waterfall as they do not have information about the threat and on the other hand, it is the Tbilisi City Hall, which is responsible to ensure safety of citizens on the water bodies of the city.

The Summer Green Camp of the CENN is organized with the financial support of the Austrian Development Cooperation. The Campaign Swim Safe is supported by the Open Society Foundation. 

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