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Statement of Human Rights Center about the murder fact in Ateni Street


Human Rights Center echoes the November 17 murder case in Ateni Street, Tbilisi, as a result of which Levan Abashidze and his family members were killed. 

Human Rights Center defended legal interests of Levan Abashidze, who applied to the organization for help in 2016. 

Levan Abashidze claimed that his rights of the citizen of Georgia were violated purposefully; namely, he faced problems at the border when entering the Georgian territory. The border police did not have information why Abashidze was not allowed into the Georgian territory, but it was the instruction that they had to follow. 

In 2016, Levan Abashidze managed to enter the Georgian territory only after Human Rights Center involved in the case. The organization several times petitioned the Ministry of Internal Affairs and State Security Service to ensure safe and free entry of Levan Abashidze into the territory of Georgia as well as his free movement inside the country.  

In December 2016, Levan Abashidze sent letter to Human Rights Center, where he wrote that he was intimidated by the representatives of law enforcement bodies, who forced him to leave the country, otherwise they threatened him “to blame only himself for possible consequences.” 

In 2018, Levan Abashidze again faced problem to enter Georgia and HRC repeatedly petitioned the State Security Service to ensure his free and safe entry in the country. 

Human Rights Center calls on the investigation to get interested in the abovementioned circumstances and before delivering the final decision impartially and comprehensively study all facts related with the case. 

Human Rights Center holds video-message of Levan Abashidze, where he spoke about intimidation and oppression. The organization is ready to provide the investigation with the video file as well as media due to high public interest to the case.  

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