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HRC requests timely and effective investigation over alleged crimes committed by the head of the Lagodekhi police division and other police officers


Human Rights Center’s Kakheti office defends legal interests of Tariel Sheitnishvili, who was arrested under administrative law by police officers on December 1 for alleged disobedience to the police. During the detention, police officers physically abused Tariel Sheitnishvili and he received serious injuries. 

The investigative department of the State Inspector’s Service commenced investigation into alleged violence and abuse of professional power by police officers but Sheitnishvili still does not have victim status. 

As Tariel Sheitnishvili recalled, on December 1, he was in his car near the Gulf petrol station in Shroma village, Lagodekhi municipality. His dog was also in the car. The Lagodekhi police officers, whom Sheitnishvili knows well, noticed his car when patrolling around the village. Among them was the head of the Lagodekhi municipality division of the Kakheti regional department of the MIA – police colonel Giorgi Klimiashvili. 

As Tariel Sheitnishvili reported, the police officers demanded him to get out of the car and produce the ID card. Before getting off, he started to pull the car windows up to prevent the dog from jumping out of the car. The police officers allegedly did not like that he did not immediately get off the car, opened the door and dragged him out of the car. One of the officers squeezed his throat and other started beating him in the head. Finally, Sheitnishvili was taken to the police unit, and the officers continued beating him on their way to the police office.  

According to Tariel Sheitnishvili, in the police unit, he was made to stay naked for a long time allegedly for the purpose of search; as a result he received serious health injuries and needed medical assistance. 

Human Rights Center requests the investigative department of the State Inspector’s Service to timely and effectively investigate the facts of alleged violence and degrading treatment of the citizen from the side of police officers. 

Human Rights Center 

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