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Besik Tamliani released under bail, court proceedings continue


ფოტო: ipn.ge
Civil activist Besik Tamliani, arrested during June 20-21 June, 2019 events, was released from pre-trial imprisonment on March 23 in exchange of 4 000 GEL bail.

Besik Tamliani was in pre-trial imprisonment and his 9-month pre-trial imprisonment was due to expire on April 4. 

Judge did not allow the HRC monitor to attend this concrete court hearing of Besik Tamliani’s case claiming the state of emergency related with the spread of the COVID-19. 

As Besik Tamliani’s lawyer stated after leaving the trial, the judge of the Tbilisi City Court Aleksandre Iashvili considered the issue of leaving the defendant in imprisonment with his own initiative and then changed the imprisonment term into bail. The prosecutor’s office agreed with the initiative of the judge.

It is noteworthy that 10 days before, on March 13, Judge Aleksandre Iashvili did not satisfy the solicitation of the defense lawyer to change the imprisonment term of Tamliani into bail and the prosecutor’s office did not support the solicitation either.

Court continues examination of the criminal case against Besik Tamliani.
In the frame of the project Public Events Monitoring Human Rights Center continues monitoring of trials into allegedly politically motivated 12 cases. Among them is the trials against Besik Tamliani. Prosecutor’s office accused Tamiliani of group violence.
Besik Tamliani left penitentiary establishment on March 23. According to the bail agreement, he is prohibited to leave the country and has handed his passport.

Photo by: ipn.ge  

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