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PEC Chairperson unlawfully expelled HRC observer from the precinct


HRC is alarmed with the decision of the PEC chairperson to expel the HRC observer Gvantsa Mikhailidi from the polling station # 72 in Marneuli municipality DEC # 22 (village of Algeti). 

According to the observer’s clarification, two police officers were in the polling station all day long; supposedly they had service guns with them. They had frequent communication with the chairperson of the Precinct Election Commission. 

In accordance with the acting law, a police officer may enter a polling station if his/her presence is necessary to restore or protect public order. There was no similar necessity in the precinct # 72 in Marneuli election district # 22. HRC observer informed the PEC chairperson about the violation, who called on the police officers to leave the territory but they did not obey. The HRC observer repeatedly petitioned the chairperson and in response the chairperson and other members of the PEC verbally insulted her; they demanded the observer to immediately leave the polling station. They drew up a protocol and ordered the observer to leave the vicinities of the polling station. 

CEC representative was in the precinct during the incident who told the HRC observer that as the protocol was already drawn up she could not do anything. However, she had information about the incident before the protocol was signed and as the observer reports, she did not take necessary measures to combat the incident. 

Short time later, upon the content of the PEC members, the HRC observer returned to the polling station and continued observation of the polling process. 

The HRC observer has already lodged complaints about the incident and requested disciplinary liability of the PEC members. 

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