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Cancer Cure Method Stolen From Doctor

Doctor Lida Mchedlishvili has discovered a unique method of curing cancer. Her years of work have been a success, but no someone is trying to steal her discovery. She has appealed to several bodies for help. Different people were interested in her discovery and have offered bids. But the doctor is no longer receiving any offers. She asks the Medical Ethics Commission for help.

Lida Mchedlishvili talked about her discovery in detail: “I have been interested in lasers since 1984, when the famous physician Shermazhan Khakhichashvili invited me to work with him. I was curing patients, suffering from cancer, for several years. In 2002, I, as a successful practical doctor of cancer treatment, I was invited to work with the head of the Bio-Physics Department of the Physics Institute, Jamlet Monaselidze. It has been scientifically proven, that my method of treatment causes a decrease in cancer cells in the body. It only works with patients who have the 4th stage of the disease. No western medical centers even dare to dream about such results. My method was used by Jamlet Monaselidze several times. Now he has submitted the project in the tender, opened by the Georgian National Medical Centre. He is trying to steal my discovery and take the money. He has not even mentioned me as one of the authors. The project he has submitted is incorrect.”

According to the doctor, if her method only works on 98 patients out of 100, it means that the research is incorrect: “I have worked out a united system over 20 years of hard work. I found that it is possible to cure any gained diseases. I had successful results in treating Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Glaucoma, Amenorrhea, Polycystic, Cancer and different heart diseases. As for cancer, I want to declare, that if only 98 patients out of 100 get positive results, my system is not working properly. This is the result of 20 years hard working and I am not going to give it away to anyone. Great Georgian scientists helped me to discover the system.”

The doctor says that no analogy of her methods exists anywhere in the world and asks for an open experiment to prove it. She also has treated patients she can use.

The Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre has contacted the director of Georgian National Medical Fund, Archil Motsonelidze. He supports Mchedlishvili’s approach; however he does not have any legal right to cancel the discussion of Jamlet Monaselidze’s project without any documentation: “I have heard about this story. It is terrible if scientists are stealing work from each other. Unfortunately, our foundation does not have any legal right to be involved in such a conflict. If Mchedlishvili shows us an official document, that shows Monaselidze has stolen the idea from her, we will immediately stop discussing his project”.

Jamlet Monaselidze denies stealing the work. According to him, Mchedlishvili is not mentioned as a co-author of the project, but he has put her down as technical staff in the project. 

Jamlet Monaselidze: “Mchedlishvili is supposed to work on providing cells with a laser”.

Journalist: Did Mchedlishvili discover the method for cancer treatment herself?

J.M.: How could she be involved in it, when she is not a professional in this sphere? She is a doctor, who has been working in the Institute of Cybernetics and curing patients. We have prohibited her from continuing practical work. She did not have the right to treat patients, because we are working on cells, not on people. The Institute of Physics does not have right to research and treat patients. This is the world’s discovery and Mchedlishvili is not connected with it.

J. : Mchedlishvili is ready to prove her discovery with an open experiment. Are you ready to do so as well?

J.M. She can prove it wherever she wants. No ‘know how’ exist in practical medicine. I have already proven my opportunities through the project. Nobody has stolen anything.

The recommendation letter, given to Mchedlishvili by Monaselidze in 2005 states the opposite to Monaselidze’s recent words. “Mchedlishvili is a highly intellectual person and enthusiastic worker. She has totally researched the impact of low intensity lasers and is a professional employee”, is written in the recommendation letter.

Doctor Mchedlishvili is appealing to the Ethics Commissions in the Ministries of Health and Science to look into her situation.

Eka Gulua

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