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Journalist Appeals against ‘National Movement’ Telavi Branch Press-Secretary at Police Office

Yesterday Roman Kevkhishvili correspondent for Telavi TV Company ‘Tanamgzavri’ and ‘Radio Hereti’ brought suit against ‘Joint National Movement’ Telavi Branch’s press secretary and director of the ‘Chveni Gazeti’ and ‘Chveni Radio’ Nana Kibishauri at the Telavi Department of the Interior Ministry.

Kevkhishvili blames Kibishauri for insulting and demands public apology from her.

‘Kibishauri, whose newspaper and radio broadcasts from Telavi District Administrative Board building, insulted me a week ago too-says Roman Kevkhishvili-I said nothing then, but she repeated the same on the 28th September. In the presence of National’s majority deputy Gia Svimonishvili he scolded me in a foul language and tried to provoke me. If I had replied properly to her words she would have appealed against me. Thus she would fulfill the order of Gocha Mamatsashvili, former temporary Governor of Telavi district and who is a candidate for self-governmental elections. Mamatsashvili wants to get rid of me, because despite being warned several times I still publish some critical letters about him”, and adds that the pressure over him particularly increased after he has been broadcasting the information about current events in Telavi on Radio ‘Hereti’ as well.

It must be noted that Roman Kevkhishvili often but impartially criticizes local government, and because of that he has often had problems too. A little time ago, the Head of the Organization Department within Telavi District Board, Nodar Faradashvili pushed the journalist down the stairs, who had arrived to get some comments. The public official was not charged for the incident. Just the opposite, law enforcers launched criminal case against the victim correspondent for hooliganism. Nana Kibishauri does not comment regarding the case.

Baadur Guliashvili, chief of the Interior Ministry Telavi Office says that Roman Kevkhishvili’s appeal does have the features of a crime; however administrative activities will anyway be held under law against Kibishauri regarding the threat mentioned in the appeal.

Gela Mtivlishvili, Kakheti

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