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People Might Die on “Erekle’s Bridge”

Five villages in the Aspindza Municipality might be isolated from the district centre. Iveria, Orgora, Dzveli, Sakudabeli and Chobareti are those villages which are connected to Aspindza by only one way -“Erekle’s Bridge”. Nowadays, the bridge is in bad conditions and it is dangerous to cross it.

Population of above-mentioned villages get to Aspindza via the bridge and Aspindza residents get to their pastures and forest on the same way.

“I do not know what to tell you. The worst fact is that children go along the bridge. Elderly people might somehow escape the danger but children will not manage anything. Let somebody pay attention to us and repair the bridge. It does not need much money. If somebody dies, it will be impossible to buy out the life of a person,” said Nazi Beridze, a resident of the village of Sakudabeli.

The bridge construction started in 1967 and lasted eight years. The bridge was built close to the old one that was constructed several centuries ago when King Erekle gave famous Aspindza Battle. Since that time people call it Erekle’s Bridge.

Tamaz Ghorjomeladze, a resident of the village of Iveria in the Aspindza Municipality, said that heavy cars damaged the bridge.

“Everybody can see that the bridge needs repairing. The path for walkers is much damaged. The railing is also broken. There are many holes and jetted out iron that damage the wheels of the car.”

Roman Surmanidze, the resident of the same village speaks about another danger. He said that it is too dangerous for a drunken man to go across the bridge and nobody should dare it.

“In rain and snow a car might lose control and slip on the bridge. There is dangerous turning before you reach the bridge. If you are not careful and the car slips, you will fall in the Mtkvari River. The path for walkers needs repairing rather than the motor way,” said Surmanidze.

Rostom Tsiklauri, main specialist of the Department for Economics and Infrastructure Development within the Aspindza Municipality, also confirms that the bridge needs repairing. He said that the bridge will not break down. However most part is seriously damaged and it is necessary to rehabilitate the bridge immediately.

Besik Sandodze, Deputy Governor of Aspindza Municipality, stated that the bridge connects two motor ways. It is not in the competence of Local Government to repair the bridge and Road Department should take over the responsibility.

“Municipality can apportion money from the budget for the reconstruction of those bridges that was built by the Municipality itself. As for other bridges and roads they are within the competence of Road Department.”

Until local officials find out who is responsible for the rehabilitation of the historical bridge, it might break down unexpectedly, as it already happened in Bakhmaro little time ago.

Gulo Kokhodze, Aspindza

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Name: მერაბ
2010-07-11 11:56
საქართველოს შრომის კოდექსის უხეში დარღვევისთვის,ადამიანის უფლებების დარღვევისთვის,პირადი შეურაცხყოფისთვის უნდა დაეკისროს ჯარიმა აღნიშნულ ფირმას 1მლნ ლარის ოდენობით.დაწესდეს 8 სთ-იანი სამუშაო დღე,ფირმამ უნდა უზრუნველყოს მუშა ხელის ჯანმრთელობის დაზღვევა,ასევე შექმნას ჯანმრთელობისთვის უვნებელი სამუშაო პირობები.წინააღმდეგ შემთხვევაში უნდა შეუწყდეს ლიცენზია და გაძევებულ იქნას საქართველოდან, საქართველოს მოქალაქეების დამცირების,შეურაცხყოფის და მათი უფლებების დარღვევის გამო.
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