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Trading in the Ruins

Shorena Ghlonti, Ozurgeti

Local government of Ozurgeti district made a New Year surprise for traders and customers of the agricultural market by deconstruction of the market.

In bad and good weather peasants stand in the market and still wait for their customers in the market.

“Although the local government dispersed us, we still continue working here. This market belongs to peasants. We think we should trade here to earn something for New Year,” said trader Nona Kverghelidze.

“They did not allow us to stand here but we still continue working in difficulties. We are holding umbrella in one hand and serve customers with another hand. District administration created similar situation for us. They congratulate us with New Year in this way,” said Neli Alavidze.

“They make us go to a new trading center but it is not market,” said astonished Nina Katamadze.

“Our government left us in the street. Instead employing us, they destroyed our lives. What shall I do if I do not trade; I have no other job. How can I keep family of seven members? We all have high education in the family but where shall we get jobs? I am a retired woman but I am standing here to earn money to feed my grandchildren. Shall not I buy at least chocolates for my grandchildren?” said 60-year-old Nino Chitaishvili.

After ten-day imprisonment Boris Kiladze from Partskhanakanebi continued trading in the ruins.

Kiladze said he was not arrested because of resistance and assault of policemen during protest rallies. “I did not insult anybody; I did not shout either and I cannot understand why they arrested me. Now I am standing in these ruins in the street. I think they will allow us to stay here before the New Year; but I do not know what will happen,” said Kiladze.

Shota Shakarashvili said he grows vegetables in his own garden but local authority does not allow him to sell it.

“I have been trading in this market since 1974. They wanted to deconstruct this market in the past too; however, later they found out that vegetables cannot be stored in close market in Ozurgeti district because of high humidity. Instead supporting poor people, they restrict us everywhere,” complained Shakarishvili.

Manana Buziashvili thinks some time in future it will be time for justice in our country.

Local authority does its best to make traders to a new trading center but the market still remains in the old place – in the ruins.

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