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„Do Not Take Food from Me Which I Have Deserved by My Poverty“

Maka Malakmadze, Adjara

Old furniture, fridge which has lost the function and soviet time TV-set “Record” – these are total fortune of Elmira Bagirova who was registered in the data-base of social subsidies; she still has the same fortune. However, since July of 2009 she has not received the allowance because the social agent doubled the rating points for her as a result of the repeated examination.

There are two members in the family. Elmira Bagirova lives in Zurab Gorgiladze Street # 86a together with her son Ruslan Joshoian. The only income of the family is her pension. Elmira Bagirova has diabetes and heart problems; her son has nervous.

“I cannot treat my son; I can call only ambulance when he gets very bad. I do not know where my second son –Davit-is; whether he is alive or dead. The ship where he was sank in 2006. I could find my son neither dead nor alive,” said Elmira Bagirova.

In July of 2006, the rating points of Bagirova’s family were doubled during the repeated examination. Two family members are registered in the document. The declaration filled in by the social agent is the following: “Elmira Bagirova’s pension is 83 GEL; they have 1 mobile phone, a soviet-time fridge, and 1 “foreign” (not soviet-time) TV-Set.” Based on this declaration, the Bagirovas were granted with 123 620 points. Thus, they cannot get social allowances and cannot enjoy the medical policy.”

The Human Rights Center compared the last declaration with the previous one. The first declaration states that “Elmira Bagirova and her husband Ruben Joshoian receive pensions of 55 GEL each; they have 1 mobile phone, 1 soviet TV-set and 120 GEL which they paid for electricity for the last 12 months.”

Elmira Bagirova said that the agent did not insert the fridge in the first declaration after he saw it was not switched on and the family used it to place saucepans and pans in it. The first declaration was filled in on June 10, 2008 and the family was granted with 56 050 points.

“You can imagine the situation when a family has not purchased anything new and despite that the initial 56 050 points were increased up to 123 620 – in fact it doubled. This is TV-set Record and you can see whether it is foreign or soviet one. Moreover, I showed the passport of the TV set to the social agent. Despite that, he has written it was foreign TV-set. I learned about it after I requested the family declaration from the Batumi office of the Social Agency,” said Elmira Bagirova.

Bagirova petitioned to the minister of healthcare and social welfare of Georgia Aleksandre Kvitashvili. “Please, help me and send your representative to my family who will be able to examine my living-conditions. You can visit my family and get sure that social allowances are distributed in Adjara illegally. Otherwise, my family could not have received 123 620 points. I do not know how wealthier families received the allowance… but please do not take the food from me which I deserved by my poverty."
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