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Politically Motivated Persecutions in Akhmeta
Persecution of the representatives of the Georgian Dream in Akhmeta district continues. This time, head of Akhmeta district administration’s supervision service fined Zakaria Kinkladze, head of the Georgian Dream’s Akhmeta office with 200 GEL under administrative law.

Police Restricts Distribution of Georgian Dream’s Newspapers in Akhmeta
Police restricts distribution of the Georgian Dream’s newspapers in Akhmeta. Head of Akhmeta district office of the Republic Party Zakaria Kinkladze reported that on Sundays, after the activists of the Georgian Dream distribute newspapers in the market and surrounding area, the police officers start withdrawal of those newspapers.

U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Georgia Lays Out Priorities
• ‘Elections litmus test for membership to NATO’
• ‘There are very real concerns about the level playing field’
• ‘Lot of concerns about Chamber of Control’s role in party financing’
• ‘Georgian officials are beginning to understand, that they are being watched’
• Support to Georgia’s territorial integrity ‘remains steadfast’
• Obama-Saakashvili talks gave ‘important impetus’ to military cooperation
• Trade and economic ties are taken to ‘a new level’

MP Akaki Bobokhidze: “Who Is John Bass to Worry about His Concern”
Why does not the astonishment of the US ambassador about the activities of the Chamber of Control bother the USA? What do brothers Bobokhidzes reply to the accusations against them and will scandalous Levan Bobokhidze replace his brother MP Akaki Bobokhidze on the election list of the National Movement? Newspaper “Versia” asked these questions to the chair of the Parliamentary Committee of Environment and Natural Resources and a leader of the National Movement Akaki Bobokhidze.

Amnesty on 'Chilling Effect' of State Audit Agency's Probe
Amnesty International said on March 16, that “the widespread summoning” of opposition activists and supporters by the authorities “to answer questions relating to their political inclinations and activities creates a chilling effect and risks violating the rights to freedom of expression and association.”

Govt Extends Contract with Podesta Lobbying Firm
The Georgian government has extended its contract with one of the leading lobbying firms in Washington, Podesta Group, which provides its services to the Georgian authorities since 2010.

Law to Punish Everybody
The laws adopted by the Government of Georgia quite often cause discontent among citizens but the Law on Political Unions of Citizens has caused particularly serious discontent within Georgian civil society. Civic organizations initiated a campaign under the name “It Affects You” against the new provision in the law;

Asmat Atuashvili: “Your Child Will Lose Mother Unless You Stop It”
Representatives of the Chamber of Control interrogated Asmat Atuashvili from the National Forum in the office of Sagarejo district administration on March 12. Her interrogation lasted 45 minutes.

Exclusive Interview with Mubariz Mamedov Interrogated by Chamber of Control
Kakheti Information Center took an exclusive interview with Mubariz Mamedov supporter of Georgian Dream who was interrogated by Chamber of Control of Georgia. Mamedov talks about facts of pressure exercised against him by the officials of Chamber of Control.

Chamber of Control, Political Police or?...
The state audit agency, Chamber of Control, has claimed that an opposition coalition, led by Bidzina Ivanishvili, was renting office spaces in the regions in violation of party funding regulations, suggesting that in this process the group was using corporate funding, which is banned by the law.

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