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Exclusive Interview with Mubariz Mamedov Interrogated by Chamber of Control


Kakheti Information Center

Kakheti Information Center took an exclusive interview with Mubariz Mamedov supporter of Georgian Dream who was interrogated by Chamber of Control of Georgia. Mamedov talks about facts of pressure exercised against him by the officials of Chamber of Control.

When did the interrogation take place?

- On March 12th I was in the building of City Council. One of the employees of Chamber of Control asked me why I was in opposition. I do not know his last name. His first name is Emzari. He asked me why I was collecting signatures with the request to restore citizenship of Bidzina Ivanishvili. I was asked how much money I was paid. I said that I was not given any money. I spend my money. They asked me why I was spending my money. I said it was not their business. I told him I spend my money on transportation. Then he asked me to sign some paper. I said no. He threatened me that I would go to prison and that if I would be killed there and my children will become orphans. Then a young boy came in (another official of Chamber of Control) and said that if new President came I would be kicked out of the country because I am Tatar. I told him not to say nonsense, that I am not Tatar and that I am citizen of Georgia. I was born here. I will die here. Then we had a fight. Then I was given another protocol. They made it themselves. They asked me to sign it and that I was going to be transferred to Office of Prosecutor.

- Did they say why?

- Because I was in opposition. I asked them where were they when I was fighting in the war? When the war started in Tskhinvali, I was there. I was a volunteer. I asked them why did not they come and told not to go to the war. If there is another war, I will go again. It is not their business where I will be, in opposition or in government. I did not sign the letter.

Did the lawyer attend the interrogation?

- No, the lawyer was not allowed to go in.

Were you searched before the interrogation?

- Yes, they had a special device and inspected me with that. They asked me to take off the coat. I told them that I do not have anything. It was 24 policemen.

Did they make you take your shoes off?

- Yes, they did. They also made me take off my clothes.

Did they tell you why they were taking your shoes off?

- They were inquiring if there was a camera. Then they made me take off my pants. They asked me what I had in the pocket. I said I had money. They asked me to take it out. He was approaching me. I asked him not to come near. They checked it. Then they made me take off my jacket. I was left in the T-shirt. It took three hours to interrogate me.

What have they been asking you for three hours?

- They asked me why I was in opposition. I said it was my will and it was not their business.

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Name: Alvaro
2012-03-30 19:32
I agree with Brian. Sometimes the ideal of "keeping it local" isn't the best strategy. There are times where it makes sense to bring in a fresh vsperectipe. I imagine that is what the Chamber decided based on feedback they received from the community and their plans for the future. Maintaining the same staff or drawing from the same pool can create stagnant organizations. The only way to break up the stagnancy is to bring in some new ideas and fresh vsperectipes via new leaders. Locally, Stan Olson is a good local example of this strategy. He brought a lot of change for the Boise School district some are welcomed and some are not. However, our schools now have many progressive programs that we did not have before he arrived. For those that don't embrace change, it is often viewed as a negative. For those that embrace change, a leader from afar hired through a fair process is viewed as a shot in the arm toward improvement.
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