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Reality from Rustavi Prison # 5 for a Female Convict – Report of Humanrights.ge
“It is a pity to lock women up not only in prison but also at home,” a taxi-driver taking us to Rustavi Prison # 5 for female convicts told us. We hear babies and toddlers crying in the reception. Relatives cannot calm a little girl – “we want to take her to her mother but she is afraid of people in uniforms.” A baby wrapped in clothes is also taken to his mother.

Sexual violence in Georgia
Eka (name is changed), 26, became victim of sexual violence at the age of 9. She, as a victim of domestic violence, applied to the National Network of Protection from Violence 3 years ago. Today, Eka has three children but her psychologist Manana Songulashvili said her psycho-trauma has not cured yet.

“Logic Does Not Have Gender!” “Protest Demonstration vs “Female Logic”
On March 26, a protest assembly was held in front of the TV-Company Imedi. The participants requested the company administration either to close or to change the format of the TV Program “Female Logic” in order to meet ethic norms. Several dozen people participated in the assembly, mostly representatives of NGOs.

Sapari at Second International Conference on Women’s Shelters
Family violence remains to be a serious problem in many states. This is not a problem of only poor and politically unstable countries. Victims of violence live in the developed world as well though they are more protected by laws of these countries.

Advertisement Turned into Protest
 “Watch out! A Woman is driving!” March 8 advertising event of the Insurance Company “GPI Holding” caused serious protest. Part of customers found the advertising banner of the event as sexist. The ad with a woman with smashed lipstick offers insurance to customers.

Woman Still on Hunger Strike in Rustavi Women’s Colony
Prisoner Tamar Talikadze from Rustavi Women’s Colony is still on a hunger strike. She is requesting re-investigation of her case. Lawyer of Human Rights Center Eka Kobeashvili met her several days ago and heard her requests and the case details.

Canadian Court Granted Status of Political Refugee to Manana Gurchumelidze
Canadian Court granted status of political refugee to the former president of the Georgian Independent Trade Union of Teachers and Scientists Manana Gurchumelidze.

Why Tamar Sukhiashvili Was Fired from Kakbeti Public School?
Tamar Sukhiashvili, history teacher fired from the Public School in Kakabeti village Sagarejo district, said she was sacked on political grounds.

Giorgi Tughushi: “Numerous Criminal Cases Raise Rather Serious Doubts”
Interpressnews talked to Ombudsman of Georgia, Giorgi Tughushi, regarding the human rights state in Georgia last year.

Do you positively evaluate the system of obligatory accumulative pension?
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Another proposal on agreement
The society knows that since December 2017 I have a court dispute with the Tbilisi City Hall and the Georgian Water Distribution Company
Women – victims of violence
Life in a World of Doubt and Mistrust


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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