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Explosion Resulted In the Death of Two People
People appealed to the district Administrative Board, Municipality, Sanitary Supervision Inspection and police several times. Last year, they have applied to the court to avoid danger but the judge did not discuss their case for having “no grounds and being many faults in it”. Shortly speaking, nobody got interested in the problem until last week, two people died as a result of explosion in a small cottage enterprise in the village of Jugaani in the Sighnaghi District.
Mother of a Dead Son Demands Suitable Punishment for Sukhitashvili’s Godson
Zoia Tsarielashvili, a resident of the village of Zerti in the Gori District, demands severe punishment for Gia Eliauri, who killed her fifteen-year-old son, Avto Merebashvili. The mother demands life imprisonment for the murderer.
Mother of Dead Son Threatens to Commit a Suicide in front of the Administrative Building
Zina Gagloshvili, a resident of the village of Melaani in Gurjaani District, has asked for the right to move the body of her son from Vladikavkaz to Georgia. Unless her demand is met, she threatens to kill herself in front of the administrative building.
Nora Kvitsiani’s Trail Has Been Postponed Again
Court hearing on Nora Kvitsiani has been postponed for the second time. She was accused for having established illegal armed formation, for illegal storage of weapon and for appropriating the state property-75 000GEL. Her case is discussed by Davit Kekenadze, judge for the Gali-Gulrifshi District Court.
Gori Municipality Members Are Illegally Appointed to Various Positions
A great fuss is starting in the Gori Municipality. In a few days, Republic Party will introduce the Municipality Chairman with the black list of those municipality deputies who have illegally occupied various positions.
A New Accusation against Sulkhan Molashvili
Under the Georgian Criminal Code, Article 378, Section I, former chairman of the Chamber of Control, Sulkhan Molashvili, was accused for a new crime. According to Bacho Akhalaia, the chairman of the Penitentiary Department, the reason for new accusation was Sulkhan Molashvili’s having assaulted Jurkha Filauri, a doctor for jail hospital. However, Molashvili claims he has not assaulted the doctor. The reason for provocation is that despite Akhalia’s demands and threats, prisoner has not withdrawn appeals form the Strasburg Court.
He Is Not Guilty, Though He Is Guilty
Last summer, famous events took place in the Kodori Gorge and the officials called it a “Wiping Out of the Gorge from Criminals”. The operation resulted into a detention of the gorge residents. Most of them were accused for having taken part in the illegal usage of weapons and participation in illegal formation.
One Hundred Thirty-five Workers Demand Their Two-Year-Wages (Part I)
One hundred thirty-five workers demand from their employer company, “Georgian Roads Construction Company” Ltd, two-year-wages. Although they have appealed to several court instances, they have not received the fair verdict yet. At present, their case is discussed at the Supreme Court.
Deficiency of Food and Medicine in Kutaisi Prison
“Prisoners rights are violated in Kutaisi prison,” said parents of prisoners that are currently held in detention facility #2 of the penitentiary system. They also commented on the inhumane and grotesque conditions of the facility in their appeal to the Human Rights Center’s Kutaisi office.
Policeman Severely Beat Innocent Man
Twenty-eight-year-old Zviad Manasarovi, a resident of the Telavi District, claims that officers of the Internal Ministry’s Kakheti Department, Ilia Kirvalidze, Lomishvili, Samkharadze and Darchiashvili physically assaulted him. The detainee’s health condition is very poor and he demands to open a criminal case against the policemen.
Kidnappers of Old Grigol Nonikashvili Arrested
In November 2006, a funeral of Grigol (Grisha) Nonikashvili was held in the village of Kvakhvreli in the Gori District. He was kidnapped a year ago and just three days before his death, strangers sent him home by taxi.
Telavi Is Governed By a Person with Criminal Record
Telavi Municipality has a new chairman, Levan Akhalauri replaced Gocha Mamatsashvili. Simultaneous to it, the personnel changes took place in the Telavi Municipality. Gaga Tsigroshvili, Gamgebeli (governor) left for a vacation on the basis of personal application. He was replaced by his deputy Davit Nuskhelidze. In 2004, the Tbilisi Regional Court tried the latter for fraudulent activities and found him guilty.
Population Is Seized Property in Revolutionary Georgia (part III)
In December 2005, shopping and house holding mall in Vazha Pshavela Avenue. Disc. 7th. App 36 was destroyed for the similar reason as the other building mentioned in the previous two parts of the article. Documents were in order in this case too. There is a permit on construction and all other necessary conclusions in the case materials. So-called Shushis Sakhli (glass house) in Vake District, which belonged to Irina Nergadze, was destroyed in 2005.
Population Is Seized Property in Revolutionary Georgia (part II)
Mare deconstruction activities took place in the area of the underground station “Gotsiridze.” Two entities were destroyed. One of them, a café “Orkidea” Ltd, was situated on the right exit of the station and the second was on the left exit, which was the double storied shopping center “Merry Time” Ltd. The café was destroyed on January 27, and the “Merry Time” was destroyed on January 30.
Deputy Gamgebeli Terrorizes the Director of the Nursery School
Three commissions and financial police raided the Gurjaani Nursery School # 1 over the last three months. The reason for the raid was the appeals of a parent, whose child was dismissed from the nursery school. In the appeals, the parent spoke about the violations in the school. The director of the nursery school assigned the raids to the local government’s suppression on her.
Population Is Seized Property in Revolutionary Georgia (part I)
Protection of the private property is one of the most serious problems in Georgia during last three years. Nearly hundred of private properties are dismantled and transferred to other owners. The owners of the dismantled buildings cannot find justice in Georgia and they rely on the assistance from international organizations.
We Do not Want to Be Tried
Samtredia based special school for juvenile offenders is the only institution for juveniles in Georgia. Thirty three juveniles, suspected in various crimes, are being taught how to start a new life. They also attend ordinary school lessons there. Juveniles are watching TV carefully, they wonder whether the information they have heard in rumors, is true. People say that juveniles might be tried like adults in future. Consequently, these children are afraid of being tried and it is quite natural.
Criminal Case Is Launched Against Patrol Policemen
Criminal Case has been launched against the patrol policemen for the Internal Ministry’s Kakheti Department, Vakhtang Zatikashvili and Giorgi Naskidashvili on the fact of Igor Chamiashvili’s beating. The Internal Ministry’s Gurjaani Department is investigating the case.
Victims of Earthquake Remain Homeless for the Second Time (the end)
To find out the reality, Human Rights Center got in touch with the representatives of the Tbilisi City Hall who were in charge to make some decisions and sign documents on the case materials. One of them is Temur Kurkhuli, (that time Prime Mayer), secretary of the City Municipality.
Kareli District Gamgebeli Is Blamed for Appropriating Budget Funds
The Human Rights Center’s Gori Organization received a petition from the teachers of public schools from the villages of Dirbi, Aklhalsofeli and Urbnisi in the Kareli District. The teachers wrote in their petition that they did not receive the vouchers in December of 2005 and entered the 2006 without their salaries. The teachers investigated the reasons for the incident and initially applied to the director followed by the head of the Resource Center. However, they could not receive any answer, because those people did not know where that money had disappeared.
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