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Telavi Inhabitants Accusing Wissol in Extortion
The Telavi inhabitants accuse Telavgas, gas distribution company owned by Wissol Petroleum Georgia, which is also a company involved with selling oil products, of engaging in extortion. Those from Telavi claim that Telavgas insists that they installed new gas meters for the cost 240 GEL instead of the gas meters they are currently using. These have already been inspected and certified by a corresponding laboratory as meeting standard.  If the Telavians do not follow the demand of the gas company they will face a gas cut off. After Wissol Petroleum Georgia bought Telavgas the price of gas installation in private houses quadrupled and now equals 700 GEL.

Abkhazians Captured Four Georgians as Hostages
On September 24th, 2008 the Abkhazian police arrested four Georgian men: Badri Akhalaia, Khvicha Ubiria, Gogita Kvirkvia and Papuna Karaia in the village of Otobaia, Gali District. Two Georgian women were also arrested. However, they were released by the Abkhazian police after being held for a period of time. The Abkhazians wanted to exchange the four Georgians in Goderdzi Epenia who was arrested by Zugdidi Police Department representatives a week earler; they had been arrested for dealing in drugs.

What the Samegrelo Police Department Searching for in the Apartments of IDPs?!
On September 8th the Samegrelo-Zemo-Svaneti Police Department representatives searched the apartments of the IDPs living in the buildings of a Dosaapi enterprise. As a result of the search Maveli Sajaia, former employee of the Abkhazia Police Department was arrested. The police found 2 automatic gun clips in his apartment. The IDPs explain that the police were looking for the weapons which were stolen from the office of the MIA Division for Special Tasks situated near their place of residence their apartments. The division building was occupied by the Russian troops during the August war. The IDPs cannot make out why the police are looking for the weapons in IDP apartments and do not bother the division administration members that had left the base and disappeared before the Russians had occupied it.

Tsotne Gamsakhurdia: “Georgian Government Believes Own Lies”
Tsotne Gamsakhurdia, the son of late Georgian President Zviad Gamsakhurdia, first democratically-elected president, was one of those who were blamed for espionage and plotting against government after the infamous protest events in November 2008 and the government violent crackdown on protestors.   Short time ago, Tsotne Gamsakhurdia was arrested on his arrival in Georgia after his long absence from his homeland. After several days in prison the detainee was released after posting a bail.

Georgian War Chronic, IDPs and What’s Next
Shaking Fists at Planes in Samtskhe-Javakheti Region


I did not hear the reverberations or sounds of bombs and nobody close to me died in the August war with Russia and nobody burnt or looted my house. However, I experienced my share of war in the village of Khevasheni in the Samtskhe-Javakheti.

Tensing Situation in Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict Zone?!
Recently, people are murdered and kidnapped in the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict zone and consequently the situation has become even tenser. Two Georgian police officers are killed in Zugdidi; a 15 year old boy is kidnapped from Gali district. In spite of all of this Georgian people are keeping their calm on the territory controlled by Abkhazians. Nonetheless, they are far from feeling secure. Those living the villages in Zugdidi district, especially at the administrative border with Abkhazia also are expecting some threat. In the meantime, however, the peacekeeping mission of CIS “perfectly” implements obligations as envisaged under the 1994 Moscow Agreement.


Will Georgia's government pay a heavy price for a serious error of judgment?
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In a HARD TALK interview broadcast on 18 September, Stephen Sackur of the BBC talks to Mikhail Saakashvili, the President of Georgia. Last month's conflict over South Ossetia was a defining moment in relations between Russia, Georgia and the West. Although both sides have agreed to a ceasefire, the long term prospects for stability in that corner of the Caucasus look bleak.

Adjarian Villages Face Unremitting Natural Disasters
Living in Landslide Zone in Adjaria Region

Approximately 400 families in Adjara Autonomous Republic are facing constant threat of landslides. People are demanding that responsible governmental bodies immediately help them. Already this year 5 people have died as a direct result of landslides. 

Property Rights Still Violated in Sighnaghi
Last week Georgian president announced several initiatives about Constitutional amendments. Mikheil Saakashvili discussed the hot issue of property rights as well. The president pointed out that the right to property must be fully protected and nobody should be deprived of their property without a court having made a legal decision. Despite that statement of Saakashvili, the property right is still abused in Sighnaghi. 800 sq. meters of land was confiscated from Valeri Goniashvili. He holds Zaza Zedelashvili, Sighnaghi district governor for attempting to take his the land from him.

Attorneys Illegally Barred From Khoni Prison and their Clients
Close friends and associates, including attorneys of prisoners who are serving out their sentences in Khoni Prison # 8 have complained about difficult conditions in this penitentiary institution once again.  It turned out that after several prisoners had escaped from Khoni Prison # 8 amid the turmoil of recent Russian occupation, and to the degree the situation had deteriorated at the facility over time. Attorneys are now totally barred from entering the prison. However, no one has explained the reason as to why attorneys cannot see their clients and the legal basis for them being blocked legal access.

Independent Georgian Media Under Saakashvili?
“Completely impartial media and equal accessibility for all opposition parties remains the main challenge for our so called democracy,” pointed out the Georgian president during his September 16 annual report to the Georgian Parliament. Representatives of media and other stakeholders considered that the president as having admitted that Georgian media outlets are faced with difficult conditions.

Police Officers Unpunished in Georgia for Torturing and Killing Citizens
Underage T.G, legally a minor, was pushed down on the ground during detention and four police officers went about beating and kicking for ten minutes over his body and facial area. After the interrogation the minor detainee was then compelled to confess his participation in several recent robberies.

Upper Abkhazia IDPs Needs Urgent Medical Treatment
Nikipore Samsiani, an IDP from Upper Abkhazia, has not been able to move around for several days because of a serious illness. He is a middle-aged man, who has found shelter in the building of an old cooperative as result of being forced from his home in the recent war between Georgian and Abkhaz separatists.  He continues to clings to hope that one “fine day” the government of Georgia will finally pay attention to his unfilled medical needs.  A certificate issued by the medical centre at the beginning of September confirms that Samsiani must be immediately receiving medical treatment and requires an urgent operation.

Tent Town in Post War Period in Gori
People were called to gather in the tent town at 2:00 PM; volunteer from Tbilisi was shouting over a megaphone. They called for the IDPs to gather near the water tap. There are toilet and bathe cabins near the tap. “You will hear good news for you; do not be lazy to come… I do not get high salary for my work here; I come here from Tbilisi every day to assist you…” the volunteer from Tbilisi did not stop and was shouting in the megaphone.

Georgia Blames Russia Federation for Ecocide during Russian-Georgian War
Last month's short term conflict over South Ossetia was a defining moment in relations between Russia, Georgia and the West. However, many are unaware of just how the Georgia-Russian war seriously damaged Georgia’s environment. On September 10 Irakli Ghvaladze, Georgian Minister of Environment and Natural Resources made a report at the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee for Environment and Natural Resources. He discussed the level of damage inflicted upon Georgia’s environment and natural resources.

Regional Newspapers Threatened with Shutdown
The Georgian regional media found itself in such a difficult situation both during and after the recent armed conflict between Georgia and the Russian Federation. Consequently many regional newspapers might be shut down in the nearest future. “We had foreseen all possible risks with the exception for war,” state editors of regional newspapers.

Teachers of Retirement Age Left to the Streets
The Georgian Ministry of Education and Science recommended that directors of public schools, “It is preferable to dismiss teachers of the retirement age.” This hard core announcement was posted on the web-site of the ministry several days ago. School Directors have already warned older teachers about their pending dismissal.

“Vast Part of Tskhinvali’s Residents Evacuated 1-Month before Battle”
“We might claim that Georgia initiated the war … but it appears at first impression more like a situation when somebody spits in your face twenty days on and finally you react by slapping that person back. Suddenly, the provocateur blames you for the overreaction and says, ‘I have only spit on you but I never hit you….”

Dying We Live in a Dump: “Few Options for IDPs in Kutaisi”
Those IDPs from collective centers now warehoused in the Imereti Region have addressed the Kutaisi Office of the Human Rights Centre about their immediate concerns. IDPs from Upper Abkhazia, (former Kodori Gorge) are now complaining about the acute and critical living conditions they face and see no improvement in sight of their plight. They have even applied to domestic NGOs and international organizations for possible assistance. The IDPs are saying that they have lost confidence in the local government a long time ago, and further explained that the conditions they are currently facing are utterly unbearable.

17 Years of Homelessness Unresolved for South Ossetian IDPs Family in Akhaltsikhe
Nobody Takes Care of the Shalutashvili Family- IDPs from Tskhinvali Region

The Family of Jimsher Shalutashvili and Tsitsino Zedginidze has long suffered from the status and plight of IDPs from Tskhinvali Region, which first resulted from Georgian- South Ossetian conflict in 1991, and they have lost their home for the second time. The house the Shatulashvilis had been sheltered was sold at public auction for a rather low price of a few hundred dollars.  

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