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Historic Review of Georgian Political Advertisement
In 2005, American researchers estimated that political advertisements on TV have short (two-week) impact on voters. But the result is so rapid and effective, that every tetri spent is justified.

Pre-election Advertisement Promises
Is it easy to advertise yogurt? It might not be easy because every yogurt is almost equal, and the advertisement shall expose something special in it. As a result you must buy this particular yogurt and not other. And you must not be disappointed. This law is universal and it works in all other cases if it has long-term goals.

Quality and Purpose of Political Advertisements
What is necessary for good advertisement - much money and good PR-specialist? Very often, number of votes at the elections relies on these two factors. One the one hand there is balance and number of pre-election advertisements (how many minutes were spent on advertisements of each political party) and on the other hand there is quality of advertisements prepared by political parties.
TV Advertisements in the Post-Election Period
After the parliamentary election, number of social advertisements has significantly decreased in TV-Companies; political advertisemetns are not aired at all. However, an interesting tendency was observed on Kavkasia, TV9 and Maestro – number and length of commercial advertisements increased.

Announcements of Moambe, Politicians’ Wifes and Balance on Public Broadcaster
Soon, The Human Rights Center will finish media-monitoring of parliamentary elections, which covered not only pre-election but post-election period too, in accordance to the project agreement.

Hate Speech- Pre-Election Tool
Throughout 2012 pre-election campaign, unfortunately several facts of so-called hate speech and xenophobia were observed from the side of political actors. In some cases, media acts as disseminator of similar statements and sometimes they are authors of those xenophobic statements.

Video-Statements of Political Leaders
Shorena Latatia

Political parties participating in the 2012 parliamentary elections finished their advertising campaign with video-statements of their leaders. Several days before October 1, TV-Channels circulated video-statements of the leaders of not only qualified political parties but of other parties too.
Signs of Hidden Advertisements in Music Clips
Media Monitoring of Parliamentary Elections, implemented by Human Rights Center, revealed signs of hidden advertisements in music clips and advertisements of unidentified status which were aired by various TV-channels before the elections. Those clips and advertisements are: “I Love Racha,” “Anaklia Is Eager to Welcome You,” “Undefeated Energy of Freedom,” an advertisement about the launch of flights from Kutaisi airport and a song by Sopo Nizharadze,  “When we danced”.

2012 televised political advertisements
Political TV-advertisements are one of the most effective methods of introducing voters to the election program of each political party. The clearer and more convincing the pre-election promises of political parties, the more chance they have to win elections. However, at the same time, election promises must be realistic and relevant to the main needs of population.

Political Advertisements in Entertainment and Political Shows
Human Rights Center within the media monitoring project monitors hidden political, social and paid political ads during pre-election period. Human Rights Center monitors are observing hidden political ads in entertainment shows and apolitical programs. In the case of political program monitors observe if journalists express support to an electoral contestant or make statements against them. Monitoring doesn’t cover news programs.

Party Symbols in Commercial Advertisements
Using party symbols in commercial advertisements is a type of hidden political advertising. Georgian legislation does not recognize the notion of the hidden political advertisement and leaves this issue beyond its regulation.

Georgia Is Not for Sale vs. Georgian Dream
Ongoing political processes in Georgia have reached active pre-election phase. Many advertisements of political subjects appeared in media. The video clips produced by the non-governmental organization Georgia Not for Sale immediately attracted public attention in the ongoing pre-election advertising battles. The purpose of those video clips is to form public opinion against Bidzina Ivanishvili-the leader of the coalition Georgian Dream.

Signs of Hidden Advertisement in Social Ads
Monitoring of Media-Coverage of Parliamentary Elections, which is implemented by the Human Rights Center, exposed that various advertisements aired by the Georgian Public Broadcaster [GPB] from June 18 to July 29 do not comply with the criteria set by the law for social ads and contain signs of hidden advertisement.

Season of Hunting on Voters
I already have an experience of media monitoring. Last year from May to December I monitored topics related to justice and environment protection. This was a project implemented by Human Rights Center financed by UNDP. The task was not easy but not as hard as in the project we are implementing right now financed by International Foundation of Electoral Systems (IFES).

Surreptitious Advertisement and Pre-election Environment
Within the framework of the project Monitoring of Media Coverage of Parliamentary Elections, Human Rights Center will monitor surreptitious political advertising.

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