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Hungry Commission Members and Commission Chairpersons Angry with Observers in Batumi
I have been observing elections since 2003. I have not missed any elections, though I had to miss it as a voter because being either an observer, or journalist covering the Election Day, I could not vote. I had more responsibility during October 27 Presidential Elections because I was leader of the mobile group of observers in Adjara. Some of our groups were observing elections for the first time.
Seal without Carve and Voter with Two Names in Guria
I love Election Day. Maybe, it is because of my zodiac and despite my surname (Mshvidoba-dze =peace), Aries influenced my love to complicated situations, when I seek solutions and try to defend others’ rights; when I speak loudly about violations and struggle for justice. I guess it is my professional skill too. My profession is full of passion.
First Time as an Observer
I woke up before alarm clock rang; it was my first time as an observer at the elections and could not sleep well; it was huge responsibility for me and was afraid I would fail though I had attended the training led by expert Nina Khatiskatsi. As soon as I got dressed, I took election booklet and looked through the election procedures again. Before 6:45 am I was holding the booklet in one hand and tea-cup in the second; I got in the car and went to observe the elections. The day would be hard. 
Stalin as an Observer
I have been observing elections for the past ten years. Much has changed during these years but last two elections were outstanding; I recall similarities and differences. I will start from the beginning.
Carousels Remained in the Past of Georgia
“I hope it will be the calmest, most democratic and European elections in the Georgian history,” Georgian Prime-Minister said several days before the Election Day and his prognosis came true. Presidential Election was carried out without any incidents in a very peaceful environment in Georgia. Moreover, the environment was so calm that I felt a bit disappointed for not having chance to spend my energy. I, together with my interns, hoped to observe plenty of violations in 127 polling stations and in one special precinct of Kutaisi DEC as well as in the districts of Imereti region (Samtredia, Bagdati).
Waters and Taksim
Great days are not planned. If not ordinary January evening and suddenly discovered group on the social network Facebook – Georgians at Roger Waters Live-Concert in Istanbul, I would not have written this blog and would not have attended the best ever show in the world; I would not have been caught in the dispersal of assemblies in Taksim Square and I would not have thought where I was then.
Do you support the idea to restore Irakli Shotadze to the position of the prosecutor general?
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They wait for me in Abkhazia
Last time, I visited Abkhazia five years ago. Since then, not a day goes by without thinking about it, without missing the Abkhazian
Another proposal on agreement
Women – victims of violence


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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