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When Proest Rally in Rustaveli Avenue Rally was Raided by the Police Imedi was Broadcasting Live Poker Game
Television Company Maestro was broadcasting live the Rustaveli Avenue protest rally and the following processes almost all night.  Early morning May 26 Maestro broadcasted live the comments of opposition leaders, their family members, rally participants, who compared the last night processes with the April 9 1989 events and accused the police special forces in using excessive force. 

Murman Dumbadze Found in Telavi PDS
Former leader of the Adjara office of the Republic Party Murman Dumbadze is in Telavi Pretrial Detention Setting. His lawyer Marekh Mgaloblishvili said Dumbadze was ruthlessly beaten and has numerous injuries on the body. He had not received food for two days and had no access to medical assistance.

Human Rights Center Requests Resignation of Minister of Internal Affairs and Punishment of Offenders
Human Rights Center is alarmed by the punitive and repressive acts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA). The intimidations of political opponents, persecutions, imprisonments and physical retributions have taken unimaginable scale lately.

Georgian Young Lawyers Association Publishes New List of the Disappeared
On May 39th the Georgian Young Lawyers Association (GYLA) published the list of the people who are considered to have disappeared since the dispersal of the protest rally on May 26th of 2011.

Public Defender’s Office Published List of Detainees during Protest Rallies
The representatives of the Georgian Public Defender monitored the pretrial detention settings of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on May 26-28 and visited people arrested during the protest rallies in May of 2011.

17 Journalists Injured at the Disperse of Protest Rally
On May 26th the journalists were also injured as a result of the Public Assembly  protest rally disperse by the Special Forces unit.

TV Channel 25 Cut Off from the Cable Television Due to the Unpleasant Scenes for Ministry of Internal Affairs
The programs of TV Channel 25 are no longer provided for the customers of cable television Era. The fact of cut-off is explained due to the technical problems. However, the TV channel is refused to be provided with technical help.

Ministry of Internal Affairs Publishes List of Detainees on May 26th
The Ministry of Internal Affairs(MIA) of Georgia publishes the list of the protest rally participants detained on May 26th.

Protest Rally Violently Dispersed in Georgia
On May 26, 2011, at 00:10 am the protest rally organized by the Public Assembly was dispersed by the units of Special Forces by means of rubber bullets, tear gas and water canons. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of Georgia, 8 policemen, one journalist and 27 civil citizens were injured. Two people died - a policeman and a civilian. 90 people are placed in the preliminary detainment cells imposed with two-month administrative imprisonment.
Story about Igor Merabishvili and Vano Rodionov
We celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Georgian Independence with blood, dead people and fake military parade.

It was the decision of the Georgian President who is parting with his citizens day-by-day and hides behind riot police, army, tanks and automatic firearms. It is his narrow world where we hear only gun-blazing and teeth-chattering, sometimes dances and singing of his court dancers and singers. 
Mass Detention of Opposition Supporters in Kakheti
More than 20 supporters of the opposition political parties have been detained in Kakheti region. Names of 8 of them are known. The police blame them in disobedience.

How Special Forces Raided Public Assembly Protest Rally in Batumi
On May 21st the Special Forces raided the protest rally in front of Adjara TV. The protest rally participants were beaten by the clubs they brought for flags and posters according to their statement. In the morning of May 22nd, at 4 am, the Special Forces raided the office of Public Assembly and took several people.

Protesters Call for the Resignation of Georgia’s President
MOSCOW — The police clashed with antigovernment protesters in Georgia on Sunday, at one point firing tear gas and rubber bullets, as hundreds of demonstrators gathered in the capital of the former Soviet republic to demand the ouster of President Mikheil Saakashvili.

“Public Assembly” Published List of Detained Activists on May 20-21
The Public Assembly published a list of the activists detained on May 20-21. Among them are members of the Sagarejo district office of the Public Assembly - Gia Gurgenishvili, Giorgi Kavelashvili and Gela Dighmelashvili. According to the Public Assembly, the whereabouts of several detainees are not known yet.

Lawyer of the Human Rights Center and Prisoner Locked in One Room
“Penitentiary institution breaches the rights of the prisoners’ visitors,” the lawyer of the Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili said. According to the lawyer, her right was breached in the prison # 17 on May 20.

Mukhrovani “Mutiny” – Saakashvili Staged Performance
On May 20, the video studio of the Human Rights Center HRIDC.TV screened a new documentary “Operation - “Mutiny” at the Tbilisi Cinema House. The film is about the “mutiny” in the Mukhrovani Military Base in 2009.
Georgia fails to properly investigate war crimes
(Oslo, Tbilisi, Brussels, 23 May 2011) Today the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) publishes a new report on Georgia with the title, Unable or Unwilling? Georgia’s faulty investigation of crimes committed during the Russo-Georgian war of August 2008.

Chronicles of Facts of Pressure against Opposition Supporters
Different kinds of pressure mechanisms have been used against the opposition supporters from the regions in order to hinder them to join protest rallies in Tbilisi. The police officials have been the main source of intimidation.

Demonstrators Irritated at Journalists and Cameras
Supposedly, only “accredited journalists” will cover the ongoing protest demonstration organized by the Public Assembly near the building of the Public Broadcasting.

Provocations and Clashes during Protest Demonstration
On May 22, in the morning, the situation about the protest demonstration organized by the Public Assembly escalated in front of the Public Broadcasting building. The demonstrators attacked the car of the law enforcement officers and started to drub it.

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