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Annual Round Table Meetings Held between International Criminal Court and Non-governmental Organizations
On May 20-24, 2019, annual round table meetings took place between the representatives of International Criminal Court and non-governmental organizations in Hague, Netherlands.
Temporary zones of particular care
The member of the previous convocation parliament from Georgian Dream Soso Vakhtangashvili lobbied enrollment of the villages alongside the occupation line into the temporary zones of particular care. Today, he says that the government did not implement his program as a result of what people in those villages cope with hard social-economic conditions and safety problems. 
Protest of the hailed farmers
On May 27, the victims of the natural disaster held protest demonstration in front of the administrative building of the Gori Municipality City Hall and requested to examine and compensate their loss.
Gori University rector quitted position three months after being elected to the position
On January 15, 2019, the academician council of the Gori University unanimously elected Aleksandre Mgebrishvili to the position of the rector. Before that, Mgebrishvili was vice-rector of the university. His only rival in the competition was Kakha Toliashvili, but none of the 7 members of the academician council supported him. 
Campaign Swim Safe – Protest Action in the Tbilisi Sea
Today, campaign Swim Safe participating organizations held protest demonstration in the territory of the Tbilisi reservoir, near the so-called waterfall, which is one of the most dangerous places in Georgia. Representatives of the Human Rights Center, Progress Center, Article 42 of the Constitution, Fond Crystal and civil activists participated in the action.

'European Days 2019' are over
The closing ceremony of the European Days 2019 was held in the Art-Vila Garikula in Kaspi municipality. The senior school- children and students from all four municipalities of Shida Kartli region attended the event. The director of the National Library of the Parliament of Georgia Giorgi Kekelidze led discussion on the topic – “What Europe means for Georgia and what Georgia means for Europe?” 
Analysis of the Khorava street murder case
The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Prosecutor’s Office are still inadequate with regard to the teenage murder case committed on December 1 2017 in Khorava Street, Tbilisi. On the one hand, the prosecutor’s office does its best to uphold its initial position in the Appellate Court, which will allow them to assign all responsibilities on the court and avoid all actual steps to be taken in relation with the case. 
Murder of 7-months old infant
On May 21, 7-months-old infant was found dead in a pram in Agaiani village, Kaspi municipality. The Ministry of Internal Affairs arrested the underage mother of the infant.  
One-family village
The trace of the 2008 August War is still visible in the Kobi village in Khashuri municipality, which is located alongside the occupation line. Ethnic Ossetian families lived in the village. In 1990s, all houses were burnt in Kobi village as a result of ethnic conflict.
Discussion over changing the name of the Stalin Avenue in Gori still continues
The issue of changing the name of the central street in Gori – Stalin Avenue is still urgent. Maro Makashvili’s Society requests to change the name of the street. They organized action-performance and called on the local self-government to respect the law.
Women living in the villages alongside the division line and their safety – results of the survey
“The women suffered the most during the wars in the history of the world. Thus, the women’s perception of safety is very important,” Lia Chlachidze from Ergneti village said, who carried out survey about the life and safety of the women living in the villages alongside the occupation line.
Problems of the people living alongside the occupation line
On April 25, Human Rights Center organized discussion about the problems of the citizens living alongside the occupation line in Gori. Representatives of the nongovernmental organizations and local government attended the discussion. HRC executive director Aleko Tskitishvili opened the meeting and spoke about the human rights violation of the citizens living near the ABL.
Candles light near the occupation banner
On the next day of the Easter Holiday, Orthodox people memorialize their deceased relatives. On that day, traditionally, people go to cemeteries. It is eleventh year already that IDPs cannot reach the graves of their family members and relatives on the occupied territory. 
Ethnic Ossetian woman requests double citizenship
Ethnic Ossetian Inga Bekoshvili has applied for dual citizenship in Georgia. According to her statement, she left Gori 32 years ago after finishing the secondary school and went to study in Russia.
Human Rights Center continues monitoring of the villages alongside the occupation line (with Photo Reportage)
“The steps taken so far are not enough and do not meet the needs of the villages alongside the occupation line. The state shall have more active policy to resolve the problems of the local population,” Ucha Nanuashvili, project manager at Human Rights Center, evaluated the situation in the villages close to the occupation line in Kareli municipality.

Putin’s photos were burnt in Gori
“Friendship and Justice” – the organization under this name was established in Gori, which aims to restore friendship with Russia through public diplomacy. The presentation of the organization took place on April 20, which did not finish without noise. The reason of the noise was the visit of Vladimer Khomeriki, citizen of Georgia living in Russia, who arrived at the presentation of the organization.
Silent demonstration in front of the Tbilisi City Court
On April 16, silent demonstration was organized in front of the Tbilisi City Court, where the court hearings commenced into the criminal case of the murdered human rights defender Vitali Safarov. 

Man, who was allegedly beaten by police officers, passed away in the hospital
The family members of Zviad Mtavrishvili, 55, resident of Katchreti village in Gurjaani municipality, blame the law enforcement officers in his death. They claim that several days before the death the officers in Katchreti village police office beat him and he received trauma on the head. 
Citizens left on the other side of the barbed wires
The life of Data Vanishvili, 84, has complicated after his house turned up in the occupied territory of Khurvaleti village. His life in the occupied territory of Georgia, which is separated from the rest of the Georgian territory with barbed wires, has become very difficult.
Discussion of the initiative of MP Eka Beselia and 12 more MPs in Gori
On April 15, MP Eka Beselia, together with her colleagues, organized a meeting in Gori to discuss the election of the Supreme Court judges. She spoke about the legislative initiative, which, according to her position, will free the judiciary authority from the political influences of the government. 

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