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New political agenda in the Gori municipality self-government
After the dissolution of the opposition fraction European Development in the Gori municipality assembly, opposition fraction United National Movement also fell apart in the assembly. The reason was the decision of Irma Ambardnishvili to quit the fraction because of controversy with Badri Basishvili, chairperson of the regional organization of the United National Movement. 
Successfully litigated cases by HRC (November, December 2018 and January, February, 2019)
The Constitutional Court satisfied the constitutional lawsuit of Human Rights Center 
Body of the 23-years-old sailor diseased in Libya will be brought to Georgia by the end of February
23 years old Georgian sailor Davit Razmadze passed away in Libya. The process of bringing his body to Georgia has started. Libyan prosecutor’s office finalized all investigative activities and confirmed the Georgian side to take the body with relevant act. Davit Razmadze disappeared in Libya during sailing. On January 21, he was found dead. 
Issue of creation-dismissal of fractions in the Gori local self-government
The ruling party created two more fractions in the Gori municipality assembly: Georgian Dream-Greens, and Georgian Dream-Social Democrats. Before that, the Georgian Dream had three fractions in the assembly: Georgian Dream-Democratic Georgia, Georgian Dream-Entrepreneurs and Georgian Dream-Conservatives. The fraction chairpersons and the deputy chairs have high salaries: chairperson’s monthly salary is 2 000 GEL and the deputy receives 1 200 GEL per month. Annually, 38 400 GEL is spent from the local budget on the salaries of the chairperson and deputy of one fraction.
Situation in the villages alongside the occupation line
10 years ago, during the Russia-Georgia armed conflict, five houses were burned in Zardiaantkari village: two of them were completely burned and three other only partly. It is already eleventh year, as local Tsitsino Elikashvili has been living in the half-burned house together with her family. Meanwhile, two special commissions on the elimination of the damage caused by the armed conflict in Zardiaantkari were created. 
Judge Davit Narimanishvili denies accusations about the corruption
Chairperson of the Gurjaani District Court Davit Narimanishvili denies the information disseminated by media, according to which he paid off the loan in the bank early and it is connected with the imprisonment of Davit Kirkitadze, a leader of the United National Movement. 
The family of late Tornike Merebashvili does not trust the investigation
8 months after July 6, 2018, when Tornike Merebashvili died in obscure situation, police arrested a person, born in 1969, for the violation of the transport safety rules – Ministry of Internal Affairs reported about it on February 11, 2019. ა. 
The Appellate Court ordered the Gori Municipality City Hall to pay 14 000 GEL as a compensation
On February 13, Judge Natia Gujabidze at the Tbilisi Appellate Court announced the ruling into the case of Aleksandre Valiauri, former director of the Culture Center, public law legal entity of the Gori Municipality City Hall. He appealed the illegal dismissal from the position of the culture center director in 2015. 
Judge imposed 5 000 GEL bail on the former senior official of the Gori Municipality City Hall
On February 11, Gori district court started proceedings into the case against Temur Manvelishvili, former head of the administrative unit of the Gori Municipality City Hall. The case refers to the incident between Temur Manvelishvili and civil activist Giga Makarashvili on October 10, 2018, when the former senior official put bucket full of garbage over the head of the civil activist.
Law enforcement bodies arrested a man under the charge of the rape of his underage daughter
On February 5, in one of the villages in Gori municipality, law enforcement officers arrested 38-years-old man for the rape of his underage daughter. According to the investigation, the defendant sexually harassed his 14-years-old daughter several times in 2017 in their house; the detained O.M also admitted the committed crime. 
Presentation of the Annual Human Rights Report
On January 31, Human Rights Center presented the annual report in the conference hall of Human Rights House Tbilisi. The report reviews the events which took place in Georgia in 2018 in the legal context, in the light of human rights, civic and political rights, equality and rule of law. The goal of the report is to assess the level of response of different state organs towards human rights violations, as well as the efficiency of the judiciary and the legal and systemic changes which should aim for the implementation of international human rights standards on the national level. Representatives of diplomatic corps accredited in.
'No to Phobia!' Civil Platform Requests to Qualify the Murder of Vitaly Safarov as Organized Crime
“No to Phobia!” civil platform echoes the fact of ruthless murder of the human rights defenders Vitaly Safarov, 25, and calls on the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to re-qualify the criminal case into an organized crime. 
Case of the citizen beaten in Signagi police sent to Strasbourg Court
Human Rights Education and Monitoring Center (EMC) will submit application to the European Court of Human Rights over the case of Vladimer Mtchedlishvili, who was beaten in Signagi police office. 

Moving occupation intensified in Khurvaleti
So-called new barbwires appeared alongside the occupation line in Khurvaleti village. The locals say the occupation regime renewed installation of fences that divided the plots of some locals. They say the so-called demarcation works started from the occupied village of Dzuakaantkari an

Winner projects of the program “Public Budget” were nominated in Gori
On January 21, the projects, winning the program of the Public Budget, were presented. Gori municipality mayor named the authors of the winning projects and awarded them with symbolic presents. 
Influences of the regional governor and personnel changes in the Gori self-government
Gori municipality first deputy mayor Gela Kapanadze quitted the position based on his resignation letter. According to the information of humanrights.ge, the Shida Kartli regional governor decided to fire deputy mayor in 2018.
Former employee of the General Inspection was appointed to the position of the Gori municipality first deputy mayor
“Aleksandre Khojevanishvili is an experienced manager; I worked with him during one year and gained good experience there; I will use the experience during my work on the new position,” Erasti Elijarashvili said after being appointed on the position of the Gori Municipality Deputy Mayor. 
Discussion of the decentralization project in Gori
The Decentralization Strategic Plan 2019-2025 of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure is being discussed in the regions of Georgia. The document aims to increase authority of local self-governments, to financially decentralize them and to improve the mechanisms for the better engagement of citizens. 
The head of one more service department quitted position in Gori Municipality City Hall
On January 24, 2019, head of the administration at the Gori Municipality City Hall Temur Manvelishvili wrote letter on resignation. It was connected with the October 10, 2018 incident in front of the building of the Gori Municipality City Hall, when Manvelishvili put garbage bin over the head of civil activist Giga Makarashvili. 
City full of death
Put on your best cloths. Look at your kids carefully and embrace them. Call your mom. Call your friends. Look through your house documents and check whether everything is fine. You will die soon. You will die in a car crash. People die like that in this city. One day, you will have a breakfast in the morning together with your family, will leave children near the school and then go to work.
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City full of death
Put on your best cloths. Look at your kids carefully and embrace them. Call your mom. Call your friends. Look through your house
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