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Politically Motivated State Assistance Program for Infants Abolished
According to the resolution of the Georgian Authority issued on December, 2008 State Assistance Program for Infants from poor families has been abolished. Before the presidential elections of November 5, 2008 Mikheil Saakashvili promised to assist such kinds of families with grants of 1,000 GEL at the birth of each child. However, this initiative was canceled on December 5.

Faulty Balcony Construction in Gldani District Results in Deaths and Uncertainties
On December 9 there was an add-on constructed balcony failure of an apartment extension in a residential building in Gldani district. This event proved to be a wake up call to the Tbilisi population and City Hall. The worst fears came true – and now the dead bear witness to the safety concerns for such add-ons. . If residents of Tbilisi had been protesting against the deconstruction of so-called “Kamikadze Loggias” now they themselves are requesting City Hall to test the safety of these “slapped together” add-ons and to take all necessary measures to protect them from immediate danger and advert the additional lost of life.

Young Ossetians Considered Deserters
Law enforcers have some questions for ethnic Ossetians and blame them for deserting in the face of crisis. The residents of Ossetian villages faced this problem in the recent war. Young Ossetian from the village of Rene in Kaspi district abandoned Georgia because here they might be imprisoned.  Residents of Rene refused to participate in the war between their brothers in August, 2008.

Girl with Leukemia Looks Forward to Assistance
Sopio Shengelia has leukemia, a terrible blood disease. Thrombocytopenia was initially detected in her blood at the age of three. Now she is 22 and her health condition is critical. A long period of chemotherapy has damaged her body organs. The family of Shengelias cannot afford surgical operations or medical treatments for her diseased organs and her blood disease.

Standardized Testing–Mechanism for Hand picking Staff?
Every civil servant in Kakheti Regional Administration will have to take a civil service examination. The test is now compulsory and those who do not answer 75 questions out of 100 correctly will be dismissed from their positions. The Human Rights Center has information in its procession that all employees of all Municipality Boards and District administrations of Kakheti Region must stand for this exam. The bodies of local self governance and administrations have already received the instructions in this regard.

“Friendly Shares” in Kutaisi Transport Scheme or Tender Fraud?
The Kutaisi Office of the Republic Party accuses the Kutaisi city government for lobbying transport route business. In particular, the Republic Party representatives accuse the Kutaisi Mayor of using his position for his own personal benefit.

Family of Five Members vs. “Energy-Pro Georgia”
Five-member family of Mzhavadzes, living in Batumi, intends bringing a law suit against “Energy-Pro Georgia”- an electricity power distribution company.  The family has accumulated arrears that amount to over 600 GEL.  The family claims how the family doubted that their electricity meter was working properly and it registered much more electivity than was actually consumed. The family unsuccessfully applied to the “Energy-Pro Georgia” several times and requested that their meter be examined their meter as they tried to sort out the actual bill.
“Kaztransgas-Tbilisi” Makes Subscribers to Again Change Meters
“Kaztransgas-Tbilisi” illegally compels subscribers in the capital of Georgia to change gas-meters for new ones.  Furthermore, people have to pay for the new meters. The Energy Regulation Commission of Georgia is also unhappy with the decision. On December 10  the Commission intends to discuss the issue. Supposedly, “KaztransGas-Tbilisi” will be imposed with additional responsibilities aside from fines.
Mentally Disabled Person Sentenced to Pretrial Detention
Vano Beridze, the patient of Psycho-Neurological Dispensary has been imprisoned for one month already. He was sentenced to two months pretrial detention term on November 14 by Batumi City Court.

IDPs from Abkhazia vs. “Energy-Pro Georgia”
IDPs compactly residing in Zugdidi Nursery School # 10, House of Railway Workers and so-called Do-Restaurant have not been supplied with electricity for 6 months already. The main reason for the cutoff is said to be unpaid arrears on their electricity bills.  However it is unclear why the “Energy-Pro Georgia” is expecting IDPs to pay the debts because the Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation pay the electricity bills for them. Regional service center of IDPs states that electricity supply was cut of because the IDPs had changed their place of accommodation. If not, these people would have otherwise had no debts. 

Villages will remain without water
Nobody has seen the actual project plans; officials of the Ministry do not know anything it.

The bed of the River Tedzami is going to be changed in Kaspi district. The construction has already starte, however there is not governmental agency that has to approve the project to demonstrate what the authority intends to do with the river bed. According to oral statements of governmental official, the intention is to build a new channel where the river will flow; sanitary water will flow in the old river bed. Environmental non-governmental organizations state changing of the river bed might cause a natural disaster.

No Threat of New War with Russia, At least Yet!
The sound of shootings and explosions are still heard in the Georgian-South Ossetian conflict zone. News agencies are reporting everyday that peaceful population is being pressured from many fronts and are living in fear. It is the locals who suffer the most, not only from the reality on the ground but  there are some experts who support the idea that Georgia might get involved in a yet a new war. However, Paata Zakareishvili, political scientist, does not share the idea and considers that such kinds of statements have been amade with certain objectives in mind.

Woman Arrested for Crime Committed 11-Years Ago
Irma Sharia was arrested for the crime that was committed 11 years ago. She now sits in prison. The attorney of Sharia states that his client has been deprived from the right to appeal to the sentence because she was a fugitive and detained so late.

Priority of Sighnaghi Municipality Board: Maintain its Administration
As Giorgi Bokeria, director of Civil Development Association of Georgia claims, the budgetary standards of the developed countries maintain the expenses of administration to less   than 10 % of the total budget. However, the expenses of district administrations in Georgia exceed 30 % of the total amount allocated for all the local budget of 2008. In addition, there are provisions that envisage separate expenses for stationary items, mono-cards and fuel. For example, in looking closer that the figures, it is clear that the Sighnaghi Municipality Board uses about 4,000 sheets of paper a day; drives 400 kilometers a day and speaks 800 hours by cell phones.

Torture Is Still Serious Problem
On December 2 Sozar Subari, Georgian Public Defender, presented part of report for 2008 where facts of torture, inhuman or degrading treatment are discussed.

Teachers from Akhaltsikhe vs. “Rigged” Presidential Award
Elections of the teachers-nominees for the presidential award in Akhaltsikhe resulted into a bout of serious anxiety. Teachers claim that the elections were rigged. “They selected nominees among their relatives and not among best and most experienced teachers,’ said teachers.

Treatment Denied to Patents
The Interventional Medical Center of West Georgia refuses to treat the patients who need scheduled medical examination and in spite of them having medical insurance. The reason for this is that ALDAGI BCI, the insurance company has 350, 000 GEL in debt to the Medical Centre.

Georgian side does not intend to sell out Enguri Hydropower Station to foreigners
It is understood that Azerbaijan side has taken a sudden interest in participating in the proposed privatization process of the power station. This statement seems a bit weird to the Georgian side as nobody has announced tender on the Enguri Power Station, at least officially.

Kakheti Regional Administration Warmed Over Former Law Enforcers for Leadership of Kakheti Districts
The Human Rights Center and the Club of Kakhetian NGOs expresses its protest against the possible appointment of Giorgi Chiviashvili, the Tbilisi Prosecutor on the position of Gurjaani District Governor. Representatives of local NGOs operating in the region consider that the police regime will be strengthened in Kakheti Region with the appointment of Giorgi Chiviashvili as Gurjaani District Governor because of his involvement in various law enforcing bodies since 2002. This fact is even more alarming because Giorgi Ghviniashvili, the Kakheti Regional Governor is the former Prosecutor of Tbilisi.

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