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Sacking Authorized Representatives of Villages in Guria will Continue with Bigger Scale
The authorized representatives of four territorial entity of Ozurgeti Municipality – Laituri, Nasakirali, Likhauri and Bokhvauri were fired on December 8th.

„კამპანია ბოდიში“ – ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრის ახალი დოკუმენტური ფილმი
16 დეკემბერს ჰაინრიხ ბიოლის ფონდში ადამიანის უფლებათა ცენტრის მიერ გადაღებული დოკუმენტური ფილმის – „კამპანია ბოდიში“  პრეზენტაცია გაიმართა. ფილმის რეჟისორია გიორგი ჯანელიძე.

“President Saakashvili, Don’t Kill the Printed Media!”
“President Saakashvili, don’t kill the printed media!” Georgian and English language Appeal to the President of Georgia has been published on the front pages of almost all Georgian newspapers today.

Doctor Charged with Responsibility for Death of 3-year-old Child Is Released
The former doctor of Dedoplistskaro hospital Giorgi Sekhniashvili who was detained after the President’s statement under the charge of leaving three-year-old Amil Gasanov in jeopardy is released.

New Details of Enveri Case
The hearing of appeal complaint of defendants in the case of famous special operation Enveri will supposedly start from the middle of December.

MIA Partly Acknowledged Damage of Journalists during May 26 Dispersal
Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia partly agreed with the litigation of journalists and acknowledged that they were injured and received material damage during the dispersal of May 26 protest demonstration; thus, the MIA took responsibility to reimburse their damage.

Public Defender: “Mortality Rate among Prisoners Increased”
Public Defender of Georgia has published National Prevention Mechanism Special Report. It describes the results of the monitoring in penitentiary establishments and temporary detention isolators carried out over the first half of 2011. According to the Report, the rate of mortality among prisoners has increased and inmates are still ill-treated in custodies.

Analyze of Media Problems and Human Rights Violation Facts Related with Political Processes during Pre-Election Period
Less than one year is left before the next parliamentary elections in Georgia. On November 17, 2011 Coalition for Freedom of Choice was established by eight non-governmental organizations and two experts. The Coalition member organizations believe the monitoring of the election environment shall start now and not after the Election Day is fixed.

Special Press-Conference of the Coalition for Freedom of Choice
On December 15, the Coalition for Freedom of Choice held a special press-conference in the office of the Human Rights Center.

Georgia: Saakashvili Pardon of Two Israeli Entrepreneurs Raises Questions
In Georgia, some people are asking whether a get-out-of-jail card costs $73 million.

Family of Joni Abuladze Tried Under the Charge of Complicity in Acts of Terrorism Requests to Get Acquainted with Verdict
The family members of Joni Abuladze tried under the charge of complicity in acts of terrorism in September-October of 2010 request to get acquainted with the verdict.

Ariane Tombet: “Conflict Parties Wish to Support Search of Missing People”
Although 19 years have passed since 1990s Georgian-Abkhazian conflict, the family members of many victimized people are still missing.  Victims of the armed conflict in August of 2008 also do not know the whereabouts of their missing family members. 

Editors of the Georgian Business Week Newspaper Request to Pay Salary Arrears
Former employees of the Georgian Business Week newspaper request repayment of salary debts and accuse the newspaper in ignoring Court verdict.

Two Social Polls on One Topic with Different Findings
Different findings of the social polls carried out by the International Republic Institute (IRI) and the Institute of Social Studies and Analysis (ISSA) caused different reaction of the Georgian society. Both organizations published the poll findings almost simultaneously in one week.

IDPs Settled in Poti Feel Themselves Deceived
A new settlement of IDPs appeared in Maltakva district, Poti several months ago. More than 800 IDP families from Abkhazia were resettled there from various regions of Georgia. The IDPs faced many problems in the new place soon after the settlement.

U.S. Senate Move To Push NATO Membership For Georgia Fails
An effort by a U.S. senator to make a renewed push for Georgian membership in NATO has been foiled. From The Daily Caller:

Prisoner Describes His Torture
Ombudsman of Georgia sent an explanation note of the prisoner who explains how he was tortured by the employees of #18 Prison Department to the main Office of Prosecutor of Georgia.

Prisoners Unable to Call Lawyer of Human Rights Center
The head of Legal Department of Human Rights Center Nino Andriashvili states that the prisoners cannot contact her since the month of November. The lawyer assumes that her telephone is blocked on purpose.

Ingiloys Urge to Open Bridge
Ingiloys residing in Samtatskaro village in Dedoplistskaro district request to open a bridge linking Georgia and Azerbaijan. The Georgian Custom Police prohibited transport movement along Samtatskaro-Muganlo Bridge a year ago because it was amortized. However, there is no document to prove it.

Long Litigation Finished and Jewish Businessmen Are Free
On December 2, the President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili pardoned Jewish businessmen Ron Fuchs and Zeev Frenkiel. The president’s spokesperson Manana Manjgaladze clarified that based on the petitions of the Israeli government and the Israeli President, the President of Georgia decided to pardon the Jewish businessmen.

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