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Prohibition of public transport movement created problems for the residents of the villages alongside the occupation line
The villages alongside the occupation line have been closed for the representatives of the media and nongovernmental organizations for the past few months. The Ministry of Internal Affairs made the decision after the Russian occupation forces started “borderization” nearby the Chorchana village alongside the occupation line. The MIA established restrictions not only in direction of Chorchana village but in direction to almost all villages in Shida Kartli region located nearby the occupation line. 
Invisible Enemy
The New 2020 Year had just started and the world received an unbelievable news –the deadly virus, which first appeared in Wuhan Province of China, then spread in the entire world.
There will be no apocalypses
Although our country has multi-century history of the statehood, now it is good time to establish the civil society, which will be full of responsibility. It will determine our national self-consciousness and identity for our future life. 
Regions met the state of emergency unprepared
On March 21, for the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19, President Salome Zurabishvili released a Decree based on which the state of emergency was announced in the entire territory of the country. Before making the decision, the head of the government – Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia stated that he did not see the need to announce the emergency situation in the country. 
Myths about COVID-19 in the Occupied Territories of Georgia
The resolution of the Government of Georgia on the Approval of the Planned Activities for the Prevention of the Spread of the COVID–19 in Georgia is executed in the territories occupied by Russia in accordance to the Law of Georgia on Occupied Territories.
Besik Tamliani released under bail, court proceedings continue
Civil activist Besik Tamliani, arrested during June 20-21 June, 2019 events, was released from pre-trial imprisonment on March 23 in exchange of 4 000 GEL bail.
Impact of the emergency situation on the upcoming parliamentary elections
After almost four-month negotiations the ruling party and opposition political parties reached agreement on March 8. During the informal meeting in the residence of the US Ambassador to Georgia all parties signed the memorandum, according to which the 2020 parliamentary elections will be held with 120/30 system.
Successfully litigated cases of Human Rights Center (November, December, January, February, 2019/2020)
The Strasburg Court Held the State of Georgia Responsible to Pay 25 000 EURO to the Applicant
Eldar Gundishvili received injuries when being arrested by Russian soldiers
Resident of Adzvi village in Gori municipality Eldar Gundishvili was arrested by the officers of the Russian occupation forces and the injuries he received during the detention are still visible. He has bruises and traces of physical violence on the big part of his body. However, Gundishvili states that the Russian soldiers did not purposefully beat him but he received those injuries during the incident.
Human Rights Center monitors trials into 12 allegedly politically motivated cases
HRC monitors the trials into allegedly politically motivated cases in the common courts of Georgia. The ongoing project “Monitoring Public Events” also aims to observe protest demonstrations besides the trial monitoring.
Kaspi municipality mayor allegedly quitted the position under oppression
“I kept silence until today but everything has its limits. How do you dare and send flatters of unknown education and background to Kaspi municipality from outside; why do you spend the budget of Kaspi municipality residents on others, who come here from Tbilisi and Gori. You will not find any of them in Kaspi after the afternoon except the mayor, who is local. It is necessary to reach agreement with you even when appointing the cleaner. Is it your self-governance? Now, the position of the deputy mayor is vacant and do not dare to bring anybody from outside. Otherwise I promise you I will meet you personally and introduce myself. Then I will expel all of you from Saakadze square. If you want to please your relative, invite them to your homes!” 
Rights of prisoners with disabilities in penitentiary establishments
I have been working in the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Center for seven years and have been studying the rights of the convicts in the penitentiary establishments. 
OSCE/ODIHR opinion about the so-called German model of the parliamentary elections
OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (OSCE/ODIHR) published its opinion about the so-called “German Election Model” on February 5. The choice of the electoral system is a sovereign decision of the state. 
Human Rights HouseTbilisi hosted the Assembly Monitoring Training
On February 26-27th Human Rights HouseTbilisi hosted the Assembly Monitoring Training led by the representatives of OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR): AneteErdmane – Human Rights Advisor/Monitoring and Response Co-ordinator, and Gary White, a trainer to ODIHR. The training was attended by the members of the Human Rights Center and focused on the freedom of peaceful assembly, assessment standards related to it, and ODIHR’s assembly monitoring methodology. 
Population of Sagarejo municipality villages drink the water polluted with faecalis
The inhabitants of the villages – Ninotsminda, Giorgitsminda, Patardzeuli and Tokhliauri in Sagarejo municipality are supplied with the drinking water, which is polluted with Streptococus Faecalis and E-coli. Nongovernmental organization Human Rights Center published the alarming results of the laboratory analysis, which was conducted by the laboratory of the G. Natadze Sanitation, Hygiene and Medical Ecology Scientific-Research Institute. 
Local self-governments forgot to limit unreasonable expenses
Although the government members many times declared that their policy is to suspend unreasonable expenses and administrative costs in public agencies, nowadays, the senior government officials avoid public statements about it. 
Workshop “Water, Sanitary, Hygiene (WaSH): Standards, Goals and Needs”
On February 21, HRC organized the second workshop for the directors of the public schools and kindergartens, heads and specialists of the educational resource centers and unions of kindergartens from two project targeted municipalities of Kvemo Kartli region – Marneuli and Dmanisi municipalities.
Working meeting of Human Rights Center in Sagarejo municipality
On February 19, in the Civic Engagement Center of Sagarejo municipality, Human Rights Center organized meeting between the senior school students of Sagarejo municipality public schools, representatives of the municipality city hall, the municipal assembly and the Kakheti regional office of the National Food Agency. 
Before the elections, 13 villages in Shida Kartli region received status of mountainous zone
Kere village in Gori municipality, which is located alongside the division line, is one of those 13 villages, whose inhabitants the local government promised to grant the status of the mountainous zone from January 1, 2020. Consequently, they will enjoy the benefits determined under the Law on Mountainous Zone of Georgia.
Election year and media
In 2020 Parliamentary Elections are scheduled in the country. The Georgian Dream, which rules the country for the second round, plans to take office after the third parliamentary elections too.
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