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“Lomidze Was Interrogated Without Attorney and He Plead Guilty Under Oppression”
Investigator of the Kakheti Regional Police Department finished the investigation on Vano Lomidze, member of the Republic Party and head of the district office of the Alliance for Georgia. Lomidze is accused for denouncement and slander; the crime is punished by 8-year-imprisonment. During the preliminary investigation Lomidze pleaded guilty. He said he had burnt his car because of PR campaign of the party though according to the spread information at the moment Lomidze does not plead guilty and intends to make the statement at the trial. Vazha Varadashvili, attorney of the accused, supposes his client will be oppressed because of changed decision before Kvareli district court discusses his case.

How Can We Clear Away the Smell of Black Gunpowder?
Nearly a year has passed since then… very long for somebody and like a day for somebody.

What has changed during this time in Georgia? How do people live who endure the terrific war and those who still listen to the news of upcoming war?

Program for the Support of Village Does Not Recognize Equality Mark
Why Should We Need Bus Stop Worth of 3 100 or 3 500 GEL When We Do not Have Road


Phrase: Residents of Adjara Autonomous Republic are dissatisfied with the State Program for the Support of Village and they started demonstrations in front of the government building

Residents of Adjara Autonomous Republic are dissatisfied with the State Program for the Support of Village and they started demonstrations in front of the government building. “We are not going to keep silence any more. Why they do not do in our village what local residents need?” complained residents of the village of Achkvistavi.

The Human Rights Center Organized Demonstration Regarding the International Day for the Protection of the Torture Victims
Today, the Human Rights Center organized a demonstration regarding the International Day for the Protection of Torture Victims in Vera Park in Tbilisi. Participants protested the facts of torture that have increased in number for the last three months.

Kota Kapanadze Is Persecuted for Supporting the Opposition Parties
Kakheti Investigation office of the Department for Revenues arrested Kote Kapanadze, senior inspector of the Custom-House “Samtatskaro.” Kakheti regional prosecutor’s office blames Kapanadze for having caused the damage of 208 000 GEL to the state budget when he worked at the Telavi district Tax Inspection in 2007. Telavi district court bailed him with 20 000 GEL. The accused said he and his family are persecuted for supporting the opposition parties.

Mikheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia: “Russia Is Our Only Problem”
The scenario is so surrealist that it will remind you the Bunuel. There are about twenty peasants gathered in the middle of the field in front of cameras hanging three meters up from the ground. The men are standing on the right and the women on the left. Everybody has one microphone fixed. Colony of Armored Jeeps is approaching us at high speed. President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili got out of the car together with his body-guards.

Kakheti Regional Newspaper “Imedi” Ceased Publishing
Kakheti regional newspaper “Imedi” ceased publishing. The editorial board of the newspaper made this decision today.

Gela Mtivlishvili, editor of the newspaper “Imedi” stated that private companies and other people have been forbidden to place their advertisements in the newspaper “Imed” under the directions of the Kakheti regional administration for several months already.

Law Enforcers approved Idea of Corridor of Shame
Would Law Enforcers Be Charged?

An idea of making corridors of shame was appreciated by Georgian law enforcers. They liked the idea so much that they began to arrange corridors of shame at police stations. Today  corridors are arranged for those people who made them for other peoples at the buildings of Public Broadcasting and Parliament.

Georgian Police Raid Opposition Tent Camp
Georgian Police Arrest Activists, Raid Opposition Tent Camp Outside Presidential Residence

(AP)  Masked Georgian police ransacked an opposition tent camp outside the presidential residence Friday and arrested six activists, witnesses and opposition leaders said.

Law Is In Force at Sarpi Custom’s House Before It Is Enacted
Traders Threaten With Mass Demonstrations

There is noise at the Sarpi Custom’s House for two days. Importers, who were crossing the border with Turkey on foot with their luggage, had to pay the customs. They were not allowed to enjoy the resolution of the Minister of Finances of Georgia which discharges people from customs once a month. The custom-house officers do not comment on the fact.

Former Director Awaiting the Judgment
In July 2007 former director of Batumi Water Supply Company Vladimer Mikeladze was awarded with Deed for his professional activities. One month later, law enforcers launched a criminal case against him. The prosecutor claims Vladimer Mikeladze knew that water was polluted and did not inform the local population about it; that means the lives of people were in danger because of his mistake.
16-Year-Old Teenager Is Oppressed to Plead Guilty
On June 14, police officers detained 16-year-old Davit Gordeladze in Gori. He is accused for thievery, though he did not plead guilty. According to the accused, the policemen threatened him to plead guilty. Nino Dalakishvili, a representative of Public Defender in Gori District, stated that many violations were observed during the detention of the accused.

Clan of Deputy Regional Governor in Kakheti
Deputy regional governor who is fond of scandals states “Let those people condemn me who are more decent than I am”

In Kakheti region only relatives, family members, friends or close people of Giorgi Sibashvili, deputy regional governor are employed at public agencies. Lately, the HR policy of the deputy governor has influenced the public schools, the district offices of the Agency of Social Subsidies and private companies too. When commenting on the below-mentioned facts, the vice-governor said he is ready to fight; however, we are doing our professional job.

Tbilisi City Court Sent Ukrainian Citizens to 23-Year-Imprisonment
On June 18 Tbilisi City Court sent Ukrainian Citizen Oresto Bokhonko to 23-year-imprisonment. Bokhonko, who arrived in Georgia as a guest, was charged for possession and purchase of narcotics.

International Crisis Group Is Concerned About the Vetoed UN Peace Mission in Georgia
Influential international organization “International Crisis Group”, which carries out its missions in five continents and its priority is conflict prevention, prepared a report on vetoed observing missions of UN and OSCE in conflict zones of Georgia and considers that it might end in escalation of the situation. The full report is available on the website of the international organization.

Opposition Representatives Are Persecuted in Khobi Too
The Conservative Party protests the detention of Ioseb Keburia and blames the government for persecuting the opposition on political grounds.

As it was officially reported, on June 17, Keburia was stopped in the street in Khobi and detained for the possession and use of narcotics.

Dismissal Before Labor Agreement Expires
Fired IDP tries to restore justice through court

IDP Nikoloz Garganjia worked at the Adjara branch of Energo-Pro Georgia since it was founded. He had agreement signed until February 2010 but on May 28, 2009 he was fired because his health conditions were not compliable to his duties. Article 37 - “d” and Article 38 Part I and III of the Labor Code of Georgia are mentioned in the decision on his dismissal.

Norwegian Journalist Was Attacked in His Flat
Initially policemen tried to resolve the problem among each other and only after that started to interrogate the victim

Several days ago, Norwegian journalist Ragnar Skre was attacked by masked people in his flat. The attackers did not demand anything from the journalist – neither money nor other things. The only thing the harassers took from his house is a bag with a photo-camera, Dictaphone and wallet in it. The journalist did not have much money in the wallet, only 60 GEL.

The Minister Threatened IDPs with Physical Assault in His Office
Color TV-Set and Black-and-White Reality

IDPs have problems almost everywhere and they are constantly “assisted” however this assistance is ineffective because they permanently have problems everywhere. Very often the assistance is not only ineffective but also imaginary and IDPs claim that it is part of PR campaign largely shown on TV. It is not doubtful that internally displaced people feel very insulted by similar treatment. Several IDPs visited the Human Right Center last week. They complained about their living conditions and consequently, we visited the IDPs residing in the former building of Military Headquarters of the South Caucasus.

Members of Alliance for Georgia Are Persecuted on Political Grounds
Ten members of the Alliance for Georgia have been detained in different regions of Georgia during the last four days. Tina Khidasheli, the leader of the Republic Party which is a member of the Alliance, provided the information. According to her, members of the Alliance in regional offices in Chokhatauri, Lanchkhuti, Tkibuli, Chiatura, Adigeni, Gori and Tbilisi districts were arrested. Khidasheli stated it once more demonstrates that the government continues the persecution of people on political grounds that will lead the country to serious confrontation.

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Gorashvili vs Natchkebia
Lector of the Law Faculty of the Tbilisi Ivane Javakhishvili State University Giorgi Gorashvili sued the student of the same faculty Buba Natchkebia
City full of death
Vanished people – “Never forget me”


Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
Villages of the Hopeless
What happened to Dream of Justice Revival?


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