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The Country Needs New Roses
Protest is rising against President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili a year after the war in the Caucasus. However, the opposition does not have any viable political plan.

The Problem of Muslim Meskhs Remains Unsolved
Based on the obligation obtained by the state of Georgia in front of European Union repatriation of so called “Turkish Meskhs” should have started in 2002 and ended in 2011. Only 2 years remain till the official term expires but neither money nor economic and political climate exists in the country for repatriating Muslim Meskhs. Meanwhile, Muslim Georgians that were deported from Meskheti, a region in South Georgia demand their return to their homeland fairly. Large scaled and brutal violation of rights of Muslim Meskhs occurs many years now. Deported Meskhs have only legal basis for returning to their motherland.

Now Sportsmen Started Coercing on Media
Zaza Kedelashvili, a wrestler from a Georgian judo team used foul language against journalist Irakli Tavadze and threatened, “you’d better think well what you are writing and about whom.”

An Infant Dies from Cold and Hunger but the Parents still cannot Receive Social Assistance
The family of Aleksandre Sikmashvili, a resident of village Anaga, Sighnagi District lives in extreme poverty. The family has a half demolished house, two iron beds, a chair with a broken leg, an iron oven, one table, a black and white TV that was given to the family by a neighbor and which costs 70 GEL and several plates. The monthly income of the family is a mere 21 GEL that Aleksandre Sikmashvili earns by pasturing the cattle of his neighbor two or three times a month.  Aleksandre and Irma Sikmashvili’s 10-month old daughter died last winter from cold. Even though the family lives in very grave conditions the Agency for Social Service refused to grant them social assistance.

Invisible People
“Change the Environment and not the Person” – this was the message to the governement of persons with disabilities.. The problem of disability is very acute in Georgia. The environment is not adapted to the needs of persons with disabilities. The defenders of the rights of persons with disability say that if the environment is adapted to the needs of disabled persons the problem of disability as such will not exist anymore. They say that  persons with disabilities cannot enjoy the same opportunities for education and employment as people with no health related problems. People with disabilities cannot even use public transport because the facilities are not adapted to their needs.

Result of a Dialogue with the Government Might be Announcement of Extraordinary Parliamentary Election
An internet web site www.presa.ge journalist met Irakli Alasania and interviewed about the meeting between the leaders of law enforcement bodies, the Public Defender of Georgia and the opposition and about his (Irakli Alasania’s) plans for the future.

Outrage at Lagodekhi Customs
The control at customs has been tightened since June 18, 2009. The Ministry of Finance has changed According to the new rules taxation rules have changed. The tax limit has decreased from 1 000 GEL to 500 GEL for the personal belongings. This means that if a person is importing the personal belongings cost more than more than 500 GEL he/she has to pay the tax which is 13 % of the items price. The customs officers are checking the luggage and if one forgets to include even one thing into the customs declaration he might face at least 1000 GEL fine.

“Board of Trustees Voted for Corruption”
The Georgian society does not know why Levan Kubaneishvili left the position of Director-General of the Georgian Public Broadcastin.[the “GPB”]. The  GPB has a new Director-General now –Giorgi Chanturia. He received 5 votes from the Board of Trustees in a secret voting. Giorgi Kacharava and Zviad Koridze, two other candidates for the position, did not receive any votes. We have interviewed Zviad Koridze about the elections:

Vahagn Chakhalyan Might be Eliminated
On August 10, 2009 Armenian Union Ierkir publicized a press release which states that the Government of Georgia is planning to elimnate Vahagn Chakhalyan, a leader of NGO Jdemm and an Armenian political activitst in Samtskhe- Javakheti. Ierkir claims that he was transported from Gldani Prison # 8 to Rustavi Colony # 2 because possible provocations for his elimination can be organized in a more convenient environment there.

Some people are suffering due to the financial interests of the brother of the President of Georgia
Breast, throat and skin cancer; general signs of intoxication; hepatocirrhosis– these are only several of the diseases from which many inhabitants of the villages of Ninotsminda and Tskarostavi, Sagarejo District. suffer after an oil  pipeline burst  in the villages. After an accident on the bore-well of Kanargo-Georgia hundreds of hectares of forest were destroyed and the water and soil were polluted. The resulting injuries to healtt are very serious. The death rate has increased substantially. Even though the situation is extremely difficult the oil company claims that the accident did not cause the extremely negative consequences.

The Saakashvili paradox
A year ago, Georgia was the place where for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russian troops marched into an independent country. They demonstrated to the world that Russia had recovered power and the will to exert it. And for a few days, the world was wondering where the Russian army would stop.

The Harsh Reality in Georgia
Readers more familiar with developments in Georgia might feel that the Aug. 6 op-ed by President Mikheil Saakashvili ["Georgia, on the Rebound"] was a case of yet again saying one thing in the West, while doing the opposite at home.

Journalist Threatened with Rape
Ilya Martkoplishvili, the editor-in-chief of internet newspaper Kiziki accuses Soso Benashvili, the representative of the Kakheti Division of the Constitutional Security Department [“CSD”]within the Ministry of Internal Affairs of intimidation of Tamila Gurashvili, a journalist of his newspaper. Martkoplishvili claims that Soso Benashvili went to Tamila Gurashvili’s home several times and threatened that if she did not stop criticizing the Dedoplistkaro ditrict government her child would face some problems.

Beware, President is coming!
Using severe methods of political persecution and in a struggle against different opinions has become common in the present governance of our country. Escort police blocking roads illegally when the escort of the former head of the Adjara Autonomous Republic ,Aslan Abashidze, was driving in the street did not surprise anyone but it is nothing compared to the story that was told to our office by a soldier.

Giorgi Chanturia was elected the new Director-General of Georgian Public Broadcasting
The Board of Trustees elected a new Director-General of Georgian Public Broadcasting today. Giorgi Chanturia received 5 votes and was elected as the Director-General of GPB. The two other candidates did not receive any votes.

Life Without the Kodor Gorge
A year ago they used to live in their ancestor’s houses and despite  the fact that tension was increasing day by day they still were happy because they lived on their own land. The feeling that they would have to leave the gorge and they would become IDPs came rather late when Russian bombers started flying regularly over the gorge. Then they left upper Abkhazia in trucks for Kutaisi.

Ergneti – After a Year
The government of Georgia is proud that it has given shelter to all IDPs but apparently it does not really care where and in what conditions the IDPs are actually living…

An Investigation has Started but It Is Important to Know whether It Will Finish
On August 2 in the morning, Amiran Bitsadze, twice a world champion in boxing , assistant to the priest of St. Gorgasali Church in Rustavi, supporter of the Democratic Movement – United Georgia, IDP from Abkhazia, was kidnapped from a road in Tskhvarichamia. The road   where he was  in his car with his friend Dato Bendeliani was blocked by amini-bus and two cars—a Jeep and a Niva.

Russia, Georgia and the War without a Winner
A year after the war in the South Caucasus he parties involved in the warrecall the  people killed. The war greatly affected both sides. Georgia’s joining NATO has become a more remote possibility. Russia’s position on the international level has become turbulent.

The west's moral failure over Georgia
One year ago, Georgia's leaders ordered a military attack on unarmed civilians in South Ossetia. By any common understanding this action was a war crime and the ensuing conflict led to recognised independence for Abkhazia and South Ossetia, of which we are the elected leaders.

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