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Human Rights Center prepared Report on Mukhrovani “Mutiny”
 The Human Rights Center prepared report on Mukhrovani “Mutiny” and rallies in spring of 2009 in Georgia. Here is the introduction of the report which shortly describes those issues and problems which are discussed in the report in details. Full English text of the report is available on our website; to read the text you can visit the link:
Members of the Youth Movement “Why?” Often Have Been Threatened
Giorgi Bekauri is still threatened. Several days ago, three strangers met him near his residence and insulted him.

TV Imedi Has New Director
Frontline for the government is now in TV Company Imedi. Hence, Giorgi Arveladze, former Minister of Economic Development of Georgia will control the TV Company. He replaced Giorgi Isakadze on the position of the head of Georgian Media Holding. The personnel of the “Imedi TV” connect the replacement with the upcoming elections.

Mayors Change but Hard Life Continues
“Every mayor promised to support us but we still face old problems."

Six-member family has been renting a flat in Ostrovski street N 100 in Batumi for 21 years already. Their accommodation consists of two sheds with faded paint and damaged wallpaper. The shed is covered with blue canvas which protects the accommodation from rain.

Soon We Will Have To Pay for Death
Legislative initiative of City Hall – Cemeteries will be taxed


Today, representatives of the Labor Party and non-governmental organization “Coalition for Our Rights” held protest demonstration in front of the Tbilisi City Hall. The demonstrators protested new legislative initiative of the Mayor Gigi Ugulava which intends to estimate tax of 20 GEL for one square meter of cemetery.

Family Requests Protection of their Rights Because of the Death of A Soldier
On August 9, 2008 soldier Levan Ananidze was wounded in the right leg by a shell splinter.. After medical assistance he returned home on sick-leave. Later, on September 15, 2008 he died while swimming in the sea. According to the death certificate, the reason for his death was undetermined. In this circumstance, the family should get insurance for the death of the soldier. The family has not received the sum yet because an investigation started on whether he was a suicide.

Will Law Prohibit Demonstrations?
The Government Started Legislative Fight against “Provocations” 

The draft amendments to the law on the restriction of manifestations and granting more freedom to law enforcement officers to subdue the protest of demonstrations have become the next reason for political disagreement. The draft amendment to the law was initiated by the members of the parliamentary majority Pavle Kublashvili, Murtaz Zodelava, Kakha Anjaparidze and Lasha Todia.  They aim to introduce changes to three laws and the overall goal of those changes is to restrict the right to protest. The experts say the initiative seems to be a result of the recent experience of the current government.

Georgia: IDPs in Georgia still need attention
Internal Displacement Monitoring Center (IDMC) prepared a report on the situation of IDPs in Georgia. The report describes the difficult conditions of internally displaced people who fled from their places of residence as a result of the armed conflict in August 2008.

How and Who Spends Funds Allocated for IDPs?
Government of Georgia received huge sums for the accommodation of IDPs. European Union apportioned 10 million Euro. However, people wonder whether the government really spent all the apportioned funds on the accommodation of IDPs. The government of Georgia avoids answering these questions and tries to hide the information.

12-year-old Tornike Urgently Needs Assistance
Tomorrow, on July 10 the family of Tornike Jabauri will learn the exact day of the operation. He has a broken arm. In order to prevent the process of deterioration of the arm bone, the operation must be done immediately. In the best situation, the deterioration of the arm bone will be stopped. In the worst situation, a donor will be needed to install a new bone into the deteriorated bone. 3,800 GEL is needed for the first variant and 20, 000 GEL for the second one. His family cannot afford the sum because they do not have the money and are not entitled to receive it from the state. Tornike’s parents must rely on the assistance of the state and generous people. If somebody can assist the child, please transfer the money to the following account: People’s Bank BIC 220101476; account number 41 16 73 08 30, or call his father Kakha Jabauri on the number: 8 74 51 57 14.

The Administration of the Shopping Center “Batumi” Was Evicted Before the Time Specified in its Warning
On June 6 the administration of the Shopping Center “Batumi” was warned to leave the office within 5 days. However, on June 7, at 5:00 pm, law enforcement officers by force compelled them to leave the office.

CSD Is Watching Journalists and NGOs
 Shalva Imerlishvili
Officers from the Kakheti regional department of the Constitutional Security Department within the Ministry of Internal Affairs are watching representatives of region-based non-governmental organizations and independent journalists. Furthermore, officers of the CSD settled in the flats next to the offices of independent media sources and non-governmental organizations and they record every person who visits the offices. After those people leave the NGOs and media-sources the law enforcement officers demand them the information about their visits.

Law Enforcement Officers Refused to Treat Paata Khokhashvili with Medical Aid
“Eagles” of the President are in Pretrial Detention


In the case of Paata Khokhashvili, records pertaining to which are kept in the archive of the Ministry of Defense, so far there were only thank you letters, deeds and medals. Now a charge of coup has raised problems about his previously unblemished career. At one time the President called the Georgian soldiers “eagles” who now are in pretrial detention in the Gldani district. Now these “eagles” have been arrested and law enforcement officers do not allow them to have medical treatment.

Shida Kartli Population Request Employment from Azerbaijan Company
After the war in August of 2008 Georgia received large amount of money as assistance. Most part of it was spent on the reconstruction of roads. The central high-way and inside roads will be reconstructed. Recently, local population has been particularly discontent about the construction activities in Sveneti-Ruisi central high-way. People request employment in the construction works.

Ministry Appropriated Sequestered Entity
Shopping center “Batumi” was sold. New owner of the entity is “Shopping Center 2009 Ltd”, which is run by Abesalom Gurgenidze, former official of the Ministry of Finances and Economics of the Adjara Autonomous Republic. Former owners of the shopping center claim the Ministry seized the sequestered property but it is denied by the Ministry.

Even Journalists Are Fans of Vano Merabishvili
Davit Gamkrelidze, leader of the New Rights, was invited to the TV-Program “Pozitsia” at TV Company Rustavi 2; he told the anchor Nino Shubladze: “It is shame that a fan-club of Vano Merabishvili, Minister of Internal Affairs, is opened on the Facebook.” People might have thought that Gamkrelidze was joking but the Minister really has many fans.

Old Trains of Saakashvili Are Burden for the Population of Buffer Zone
Residents of Shida Kartli region are reproached with cheap trains. Some time ago, the government publicly announced the appointment of a “new” train in the direction of Shida Kartli region at the Borjomi Railway Station in Tbilisi.

Levan Gogichaishvili Will Stay in a Pretrial Detention till the End of Investigation
The Appeal Court did not change the decision of the City Court about 4-month imprisonment of Levan Gogichaishvili. The lawyer of Gogichaishvili offered the court 2000 GEL as a bail but the court did not satisfy the request about changing the imprisonment with the bail. The Appeal Court concluded that verdict of the City Court was well-grounded.

What Is the Connection between the Imprisonment of Luka Ramazashvili and Telavi TV Company
Human Rights Commission of the Conservative Party granted Luka Ramazashvili, former head of Kakheti regional office of the political party “Entrepreneurs”, with the status of political prisoner. Telavi District Court charged Ramazashvili for robbery, damage of other person’s property, extortion and other crimes. Ramazashvili has been serving his term for four years already. The Human Rights European Court accepted the suit of Ramazashvili. Enri Kobakhidze and his business-partner, director-general of the Company “Kazbegi” Gogi Topadze claim that local authority sent Ramazashvili to prison in order to get hold of the regional TV Company.

Before Meeting with Batumi Mayor and Afterwards
Robert Chkhaidze, Batumi Mayor, meets inhabitants in the afternoon of every Tuesday. On June 30, the appointed meeting started half an hour later because the Mayor was late.

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