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Patriotism” in Gori District Prosecutor’s Office
“Patriotism” is still very urgent in Gori district. After a year people still speak about the fact how the local government left them alone during the August war. Today it is still unclear how the population was left with Russian occupants.

Tornike Kilanava Denied the Information On Detaining a Mini-Bus Driving to Gali District
On September 26 at about 2:00 am two armed and masked people robbed resident of the village of Chuburkhinji in Gali district Eter Kajaia. The robbers were beating her for several minutes and demanded money. However, the woman did not have more than 45 GEL and the criminal left her house.

IDPs Sleep on the Floor
According to the official information 138 million GEL is envisaged in the 2009 budget to improve the living conditions for the IDPs from Abkhazia. Eviction of the IDPs from their shelters has started 16 years after they fled from Abkhazia. The Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation moved 37 IDP families previously residing in the building of former tourist company in Telavi to the building of vocational college in the same city. The IDPs do not have electricity and gas supply in the new building. The drinking water is also supplied very rarely. Most of IDPs sleep on the floor because there is not enough furniture in the building.

The State Assists Only Those IDPs Who Live in Cottages in New Settlements
So-called new IDPs (people who were displaced during the Georgia-Russia war in August of 2008) received the IDP status several months ago though not all of them did. The status was granted only to those IDPs who live in the cottages in the new settlements.

Where Is the Boundary between the Poverty Reduction State Program and Its Efficiency?
How efficient is Poverty Reduction State Program in Georgia? How real are those criteria which are used to list impoverished people who should get allowances from the state? The Human Rights Center got interested in the problem after many discontent people applied to the center for help.

Judge with Kind Smile and Evil Behavior
Everything happens in the Georgian court. A person, fighting against injustice, might encounter the biggest injustice in this system.


European Patrols Brace for Rise in Tension Over Report on 2008 War in Georgia
MOSCOW — European Union monitors are stepping up their patrols in Georgia ahead of the release of a much anticipated report on the origins of last year’s war in South Ossetia, in case the report’s conclusions reignite tensions around the breakaway territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Goods Were Not Returned And She Was Arrested
Investigator gave the goods of 1 612 GEL of the trader Emine Petridze to another trader. Market administration denies their participation in the case, investigator Mikheil Abashidze does not comment on the fact.

Why Shota Khabareli Was Fired?
Since September 11 Amiran Totikashvili has been chief trainer of the judo national team instead Shota Khabareli.

Disinformation: State Policy or Artificial Escalation of Ethnic Discord?
For a long time I was planning to prepare this article but having read the final report of the Secretary General of the UN I decided to offer my letter to the readers in this way. I hope I will receive some results from it and then I will not have to publish this information in the mass media.

Passports Are Seized from Ethnic Georgians of Abkhazia At Georgian Checkpoint
Abkhazian and Russian soldiers control Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border in turn. People are not strictly controlled on the checkpoint on the Abkhazian side. However, various procedures are taken by ethnic Georgians from Gali district when they are travelling to Zugdidi.

Clinton Urges Patience from Georgia over Breakaway Regions
Washington - Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton urged Georgia to exhibit strategic patience in resolving issues over its two breakaway regions - South Ossetia and Abkhazia - and Russian occupation of those regions.
EU steps up Georgia patrols ahead of war report
EUOBSERVER/BRUSSELS - The European monitoring mission in Georgia will step up patrols ahead of the publication of a probe into the origins of the 2008 war as a "prophylactic" measure against the risk of fresh conflict.

Physical Assault in Detention Settings
Although Dimitri Shashkin, Minister of Penitentiary, Probation and Legal Aid, claims that inmates are not beaten, tortured or kept hungry in the prisons nowadays, the situation is getting worse in the detention settings. Several criminal prosecutions were initiated concerning physical assault and inhuman treatment of prisoners; however, despite enough proofs, the prosecutor has not punished anybody. Consequently, the personnel of the detention settings treat prisoners even more severely.

Georgia – Peace Zone
Today, near the Rustaveli Undergraound Station and Tbilisi State University the Human Rights Center organized an event to celebrate the Internaitonal Day of Peace.

The UN International Day of Peace was established in 1981 by resolution 36/67 of the General Assembly to coincide every year with its opening session in September. In 2001 September 21 was fixed to become a day of global ceasefire and non-violence through 24 hours.

Almost Committed a Crime or Almost a Fair Trial
The trial of Ivane Tamazashvili was not reported by the media and did not create public interest. His story did not astonish anybody because several hours in the cell at the police station, truncheons, beating, declaring his action to be a criminal offense, fine of 400 GEL have become the everyday routine of our life.

Committee to Protect Journalists Protest Violation of Journalist’s Rights
Committee to Protect Journalists calls upon the authorities to allow journalist Besik Pipia to carry out his professional activities. Besik Pipia is journalist for the Russian News Agency “Ria Novosti” and head of Tbilisi Office of the Agency. The CPJ considers the journalist works under oppression in Georgia. Below you can read the statement of the CPJ.

Giorgi Tugushi – “I Will Always Serve the Law and Constitution”
Today, new public defender of Georgia Giorgi Tugushi gave a press-conference and spoke about his plans and priorities.

The Parliament of Georgia elected Giorgi Tugushi on July 31. He had to start his activities as public defender on September 17 but since he was not in Georgia he started his activities today.

Independent Experts Blame Georgia for South Ossetia War
An EU expert commission has put the blame for last summer's South Ossetia war on Georgia, but also holds Russia partly responsible, SPIEGEL has learned. The findings, which are still under wraps, are likely to reignite the debate on the causes of the war when they are published.

Who Will Pay Gas And Electric Bills?
IDPs, living in Karaleti settlement, have already got communal bills. Those bills have worried the settlers. Most of them are complaining they cannot pay the bills, because 95 % of the IDPs are unemployed. They are afraid soon Energo-Pro-Georgia will also distribute bills.

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