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Retired People Without Pension
 More than 500 retired people could not receive their pensions in March and April. About 100 families remained without social allowances too. The Revenue Department automatically cut off the money from the pensions of the retired people and allowances of socially disabled families and transferred it to the budget.
Enukidze and Girgvliani VS Georgia
  As regards the part of the investigation carried out by the Ministry of the Interior

Georgian Government Calm about Verdict of the European Court on Girgvliani’s Case
On April 26, several Georgian news agencies simultaneously reported the verdict delivered by the European Court of Human Rights on Sandro Girgvliani’s high-profile case. The European Court concluded that the government of Georgia has breached the European Convention and it is a serious response to the government’s most sensitive case.

GYLA About the April 26, 2011 Comment of the Ministry of Justice
The Georgian Young Lawyers Association responds to the statement of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia about the verdict of the European Court on the case – Enukidze and Girgvliani VS Georgia. The GYLA thinks the state institutions of Georgia shall adequately evaluate and consider the verdict.
Sacrificed to Work
April 28 is the International Commemoration Day for Dead and Injured in working place. According to statistical data, 81 people have died during their work since 2010. The rights of the employees are not protected by the Georgian Labor Code if they are injured during the labor incidents; if they die on the working place, the Law does not envisage any rehabilitation.
“Hands Away from Batumi Boulevard!” People Request
“My Name Is Batumi,” “Don’t Chop Down Trees in Batumi Center”, “Save Boulevard,” Batumi residents had to hoist these slogans at the entrance to the Batumi Boulevard several times already. They protest chopping down of hundred-year-old trees and construction of 35-storied skyscraper in the Batumi Boulevard.

“Big Part of Society Is Overwhelmed by Concrete, Statistically Measurable Fear”
Interpresnews interviewed director general of the Analytic Group Terra Media Valerian Gorgiladze and asked whether Georgian society has fear and what is the reason; and what psychological changes are observed in the Georgian society since the independence was restored 20 years ago.

“Gurjistan” Left Behind River Alazani
The river Alazani flooded as a result of raining and snow melting in the mountains. As the farmers of Sighnaghi Region informed Kakheti Information Center, the flooded river took away approximately 1 hectare of land. According to them, the river creates particular danger for one of the meanders which covers approximately 15 hectare land. If the meander gets ruptured, this territory will stay on the side of Azerbaijan.
Low acquittal rate in Georgian courts weighs on justice system
TBILISI (TrustLaw) – The controversial imprisonment earlier this month in Georgia of two Israeli businessmen for trying to bribe a minister has thrown a spotlight over the former Soviet state’s legal system.
The Human Rights Center Requests Dismissal of School Teacher
The Human Rights Center requests dismissal of Nunu Iremashvili, math teacher, from the Vazisubani public school. According to the Kakheti office of the Human Rights Center the teacher hit a 5th-grade pupil against the wall and desk. 
TSU Students VS Self-Government
Students of the Tbilisi State University opposed the self-government of the University. They said the controversy started after they were physically assaulted by self-government members. 
Strasbourg Court Delivered Judgment on Sandro Girgvliani’s Case
Today, European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg delivered judgment on Sandro Girgvliani’s case. The court judgment unilaterally confirmed all allegations of the society against the government with regard to the case. The Court Judgment reads:
“National” Arithmetic of the Batumi City Hall
 Batumi City Hall sold “Piazza” for 7 million GEL less than it has spent on its construction. Members of the Batumi City Council from the opposition parties were clarified that the budget shall be filled in.
Freedom House New Report - Internet Freedom in Georgia Still "Partly Free"
 Georgia is among the countries with the status "partly free" in view of Internet freedom, according to the Freedom on the Net 2011:  A Global Assessment of Internet and Digital Media, published April 18.
Mess in Water Supply Company
The water problem has still not been solved in Poti. Poti residents no longer believe in the promise of 24-hour water supply and think that the President Saakashvili has lied to them. The water is still provided only once in every two days, just for several hours. 
Children Hospital #1 to be Abolished
Kurashvili Children Hospital # 1 is ready for the upcoming reconstruction activities. The first floor has been emptied from the medical equipment. The door has been removed.

Rustavi Residents Think Yellow Rain Is Result of the Air Polluted by Giant Enterprises in Rustavi
On April 20, a muddy rain began at around 9:30 am in the Tbilisi and Rustavi areas. The rain was yellow and was leaving muddy spots on clothes, umbrellas and cars.

“I Am Innocent and Expected Fair Verdict from the Judge,” Giorgi Demetradze Told Kviris Palitra
Football-player Giorgi Demetradze was found guilty in the adherence of criminals and was sent to prison for 6 years. Davit Gagnidze were tried together with him. Demetradze claims that he is innocent.

Suicide Number Increases by Three Times
The suicide number has increased in Kakheti. According to the statistics, for the last 6 months, 12 facts of suicide have been observed in the region. Mostly young people committed suicide. According to the psychologists, the increase of suicides is related to the severe social situation.

Murder Because of Violence
“My father-in-law and I were drinking wine after what we had quarrel. I led him into another room, where I hit him; he fell on the bed and fainted. Then I hit axe in his head,” it is confession of 27-year-old Zviad Sibashvili which was screened by the MIA. The suspect faces imprisonment for 17 years.

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Forgotten by government veterans
Every year, fewer and fewer veterans of the World War II meet the Victory Day. The society receives information about them only on
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