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Information Center of Kakheti Refused Prosecutor’s Office to Give Video-Footage
Information Center of Kakheti refused the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia to provide full version of the video-footage made in the cell of former defense minister Bacho Akhalaia in Prison # 7.
Data Cards to Be Distributed for Voters in Gori
106 polling stations are registered in Gori Election District # 32; big part of them is located in the buildings of public schools. First stage of supplying polling stations with equipment has already started. 7 out of 13 PS commission members represent political parties and 6 were selected by the DEC as a result of competition. 
Proposal to the Secretary of High Council of Justice
In accordance with article 21 (d) of the Organic Law of Georgia on the Public Defender of Georgia, Public Defender has addressed the Secretary of High Council of Justice with a proposal to initiate administrative measures against the Judge of Sighnaghi Regional Court, Shorena Kavlashvili and to take appropriate legal measures. 
Drivers of Gori Rout Mini-Buses Complain about Breached Rights
Drivers of rout mini-buses in Gori held warning demonstration. They protested negligence to their interests and blamed the administration of the company VTG in the violation of their rights and verbal assault. About 30 drivers unified and established an Ltd. 
Interior Ministry Says 'Jihad Threat' Video Case Resolved
Georgian Interior Ministry said on October 3 that an IT specialist working for a Russian mobile service operator company in Sokhumi, capital of Georgia’s breakaway Abkhazia, is suspected of being behind 'jihad threat' video.
Witnesses Questioned about Death of Officer Tetradze at the Trial on Megis Kardava’s Case
Forensic expert was questioned at the trial on the former head of military police Megis Kardava and other accused in the same case. The expert said the deceased officer Sergo Tetradze had trauma on the head and broken nose that could cause his death. 
New Regulations and Old Rules in Akhalgori
A passenger cannot take more than 50 kg of luggage to Akhalgori. Only those, who supply shops with food products in Akhalgori district, are allowed to take large amount of luggage across the de-facto border of the non-recognized South Ossetia. Consequently, this restriction does not apply only to food products. The new regulation went in force a short time ago.
Public Defender Regards Limiting the Right to Leave Country for Georgian Citizens Unjustifiable
On September 19, 2013, members of the Parliament have initiated draft amendments to the Law on Leaving and Entering Georgia by the Citizens of Georgia. 
Margvelashvili’s Election Office in Gori Finalize Lists of Commission Members and Observers
Georgian Dream’s Gori office works on the final version of the commission members and observers’ lists. The list shall be submitted to the District Election Commission. Several days ago, Ioseb Palelashvili was appointed to the position of the head of the local election office of Giorgi Margvelashvili, presidential candidate of the Georgian Dream. The organization changed its office and moved to the rehabilitated old district of Gori.
Prisoners Request Adequate Medical Service
Inmates of Ksani Prison # 15 Giga Arabuli and Levan Zavrishvili blame the prison administration in inattentive and negligent approach to their health problems. 
Fraud Competition at the Kutaisi City Hall – Competition Participants Protest Result
Kutaisi Competition-Testing Commission followed the recommendation of the Interagency Task Force for Free and Fair Elections [IATF] to stop personnel changes in local self-government agencies before elections and temporarily suspended its activities. The results of the first stage of the competition are still widely discussed by the society.
The Public Defender Addresses the Ministry of Internal Affairs
The Public Defender of Georgia has addressed the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) to initiate disciplinary actions against an employee of the MIA Lasha Jakeli, assess and evaluate the legality of his refusal to fulfill a legitimate request of representatives of the Public Defender. 
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