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The HRIDC Discloses City Council Corruption in Gori
A document, proving a corrupt deal between the Gori City Council and the suspicious company Galavani 2007, ltd., has fallen into the hands of the Human Rights Centre’s Shida-Kartli Office. Galavani 2007, ltd., won a contract for elements of renovations in and around Gori on August 30, 2007. On September 12, 2007, Prosecutor David Sakvarelidze talked about the company at a briefing. The Prosecutors Office blamed former governor Vasil Makharashvili for illegally transferring 30,000 GEL to Galavani 2007, ltd., which was owned by arrested Governor Irakli Meladze.
Why is Khobian Irakli Tsurtsumia Protesting and What Made Him Go to the Equality Institute?
The head of the Egalitarian Institute in Khobi, Irakli Tsurtsumia, was released after serving a 57-day sentence in Zugdidi jail №4 and paying a five thousand-lari bail. On August 7th, he was arrested on charges of disobeying the police. Tsurtsumia does not consider himself a criminal and talks about his sentence as Khobi police chief Koba Khubulava’s personal revenge.

The Prosecutor’s Office is Going to Make an Unprecedented Plea Bargain
“Do not allow the murderers to walk free and commit other murders. Ten criminals are still free and try to bribe law enforcement agencies in order not be to put on trial. I will be forced to sit in front of the prosecutor’s office and go on a hunger strike in order for the state to see what the officials of the prosecutor’s office can do. I hope this can be avoided because of your intervention”, - says Gulnara Zeinklishvili, wife of Temur Tsurtsumia who was killed in Tbilisi two years ago, to the general prosecutor, the president of Georgia, the chairperson of parliament, the public defender and NGOs.

Investigation Process In Zestaponi Is In A Deadlock(part II)
Ever since the Human Rights Centre expressed her concern over the death of Rostom Khidasheli on Zestaponi railway station the case finally gained momentum. Investigator Gela Tsitelashvili declares that he plans to finish the case at the end of October and our (Human Rights Centre) involvement does not have any impact on the investigation process.
The Rights of People Running for the Office of Governor Were Violated in Shida Kartli
The rights of women were violated in the Kaspi Municipality. The Bureau of the Municipality did not even consider the candidacy of Zhuzhuna Tsereteli and Nino Mdzinarashvili for the vacant post of governor, their right to stand for public office has been denied from the beginning on grounds they were not from Kaspi and did not know the Kaspi region. Though, the next day Kakha Khachirashvili was elected as governor, he is neither a resident of Kaspi nor has any official ties to the Kaspi region.

“It’s Easy to Charge People Like Us”
“My son was charged because we are poor and it is easier to charge us for something. The investigation was led into our direction on purpose,” - said Marina Qamadadze with tears in her eyes, speaking in a Russian-Georgian accent. Her son Malkhaz Qamadadze was charged for attempting to steal a Caucasian puppy. He was sentenced to three years imprisonment and a fine of two thousand lari on 7 August by Batumi Municipal Court judge Nino Vashakmadze. The owners of the puppy are family members of Irakli Tavartkiladze’s, who was the mayor at that time. The former mayor’s father, Teimuraz Tavartqiladze, is considered to be a victim in the case.

“It Is a Table” or Interpreters at Court Hearings
What kind of problems can people encounter when they take part in court proceedings and do not know the Georgian language? Some lawyers think they will come across serious obstacles at court hearings because of a lack of qualified interpreters.
Murderer of Nineteen-Year-Old Boy Works At the General Inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
Vazha Baghashvili, a resident of the village of Bodbe in the Sighnagi District blamed Nodar Anulashvili, an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, for having murdered his nineteen-year-old son, Zviad Baghashvili. The father claimed that the murderer was promoted instead of being punished. He works at the General Inspections of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
Okruashvili-Victim or Criminal?
On September 27, Irakli Okruashvili, former Georgian Defense Ministry and current leader of the “Movement for United Georgia” was detained and accused under four chapters of Georgian Criminal Code. Prosecutor’s Office suspected him for misusing his power, accepting bribe, money laundering and negligence. Tbilisi Civil Court will discuss his case on September 29 and sentence him to pre-trial detention. Eka Beselia, attorney for former Defense Ministry, stated that Okruashvili denies accusations against him and considers he is a political prisoner.
Imprisonment for a Joke
Gori Criminal police detained eighty-year-old man. He is accused for a grave crime-kidnap and attempt of selling the child. On September 3, Gori District Court sentenced Giorgi Tskhovrebashvili to two-month-pretrial detention. Nana Jamaspishvili, mother of the child, cannot see any reason for the old man’s detention because she trusted the child without any problems.
13 - year problem from Nephew
,,It was very abusive for me, when they said, that Bebiashvili was not convicted, but it did not mean, that she was not guilty. I did not know that working in the school during 15 years is a crime. I demand to show me the documents, proving my crime”, - declared Nana Bebiashvili on the sitting of the Kutaisi court, when the representative of Prosecutor office demanded 13 years imprisonment.
Tourists from Nigeria Are in Batumi Prison
Early in August, frontier police detained three Nigerian citizens. They were accused for illegal crossing the border. Nigerian citizens say that they have not violated the law. They are concerned about their spoilt holiday rather than the money they have to pay as a bail.
There Is a Problem Regarding Interpreter at Batumi Court
There is only one interpreter at Batumi Civil Court. In other district courts throughout the Adjara Region there is no interpreter at all. Citizens, who do not know Georgian language, claim that cannot understand statements made during trials. Public Defender’s Office states that it is violation of rights of national minorities. At least one trial is held at Batumi Civil Court a day and interpreter is obliged to attend all of them.
Prisoner Woman, Who Is Ill with Tuberculosis, Has Her Imprisonment Term Prolonged on the Ground of Provocation
Prisoner Shorena Gegelishvili, who is ill with tuberculosis, was to be released on August 8. But several days ago she was sentenced to two-month pre-trial detention and nobody interrogated her regarding the fact. Judge and her assistant are on holiday and Nestan Londaridze, lawyer for Human Rights Center (HRIDC), who protects Gegelishvili’s interests, cannot study the case properly. The prisoner was on a hunger strike for several days in protest but because of health problems she was obliged to stop the protest today.
“Heat” in Prison-Serving a Term in the Queue to Lavatory
Chechen Vahid Albastov has been in Pretrial Detention Setting for four months already for illegal crossing of border. Four-month-stay in prison has so much changed the prisoner that his lawyer, Nino Andriashvili, who represents Human Rights Center (HRIDC), could not recognize the client.
Prisoner with Blood Cancer Urges for Pardon
Vitali Gamkhuashvili has served his imprisonment term for a year already. He pleads himself guilty and urges for pardon. Initially Kharagauli District Court and then Kutaisi Appeal Court sentenced twenty-two-year-old Gamkhuashvili to three-year-imprisonment. None of the court instances took into consideration that the accused was sick with blood cancer.
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