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Websites of Judiciary Bodies Are Not User Friendly
Most of the websites of the Georgian judiciary bodies are less informative to users in terms of electronic transparency, and in technical terms they fail to meet up-to-date standards, reads the survey carried out by the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information (IDFI) into e-transparency of judiciary system. The project was made possible with the financial backing of the Eurasia Partnership Foundation.

Unbearable Conditions in Kutaisi and Geguti Prisons
After the famous video-footage of prisoners’ torture was aired by Georgian TV-Channels, Kutaisi based media and nongovernmental organizations established civil movement “Stop Act” in protest. Their 10-day protest assemblies (September 21-30) finished with the establishment of temporary public monitoring council which will have authority to enter and monitor situations in the Georgian penitentiary establishments.

Reality from Rustavi Prison # 5 for a Female Convict – Report of Humanrights.ge
“It is a pity to lock women up not only in prison but also at home,” a taxi-driver taking us to Rustavi Prison # 5 for female convicts told us. We hear babies and toddlers crying in the reception. Relatives cannot calm a little girl – “we want to take her to her mother but she is afraid of people in uniforms.” A baby wrapped in clothes is also taken to his mother.

Wave of Protest Strikes in Poti
On October 25, employees of Poti Port went on strike in the early morning, which paralyzed work in the port all day long.

Akhmed Chataev Innocent – MIA Compelled Witnesses to Sign Fake Testimonies
Human Rights Center appealed to chief prosecutor’s office of Georgia with regard to Akhmed Chataev’s case. The human rights organization requested the investigation of fake testimonies made by frontier officers against Chataev a month ago.

Human Rights Center’s Lawyer to Defend Akhmed Chataev at Trial
Akhmed Chataev, arrested during the special operation in Lopota Gorge, is in pretrial detention without any factual evidence. Human Rights Center Demands Freedom of Akhmed Chataev. On October 23, the head of HRC’s legal aid center Nino Andriashvili visited Chataev in detention.
According to Experts' Conclusion 10-month-old Child Was Alive When Dropped in Wine-Pot
Lawyers of the Coalition Georgian Dream spoke about the conclusion of forensic experts on the murder of 10-month-old Barbare Rapalyan. According to the conclusion, the 10-month-old girl was dropped in the wine-pot, “qvevri”, alive and the cause of her death was asphyxia: liquid was found in her respiratory system.
After Elections Meat Was Removed from Kindergarten's Menu in Lanchkhuti District
The local budget has funded kindergartens in Lanchkhuti district since 2008. In 2011, the minimal fee for kindergartens was set at 15 lari. The food provided in nursery schools was quite diverse and children had meat three times a week. After the October 1 elections, the situation changed.

Prisoners Climb Prison Roofs and Request Meeting with Human Rights Defenders
On October 24, prisoner Lasha Getsadze climbed the roof of the Gldani penitentiary establishment # 8 and requested to invite journalists with video-cameras to prison.

Miners Are Still on Strike in Chiatura
Miners continue strike in Chiatura. They request 100% rise in their salaries, improved sanitary conditions, supply of special uniforms and new working instruments.

Shocking Testimony of Shop-Owner – Two Dead Bodies Appeared on Shop Roof on May 27, 2011
Oleg Zhvania, the owner of a commercial property in the area of the metro-station Tavisupleba Square recalled an incident on May 27, 2011 when dead bodies were discovered on the shop roof after a peaceful protest demonstration was dispersed on Rustaveli Avenue.
Protest of Workers Employed at Kobuleti Autobahn Construction
People working on the construction of Kobuleti roundabout – so-called autobahn request improved working conditions and increased salaries. Chinese company Sino Hidro is implementing construction activities. Company representatives do not comment on the fact.

After Torture Prisoner Is Lying Immovably and Sometimes Cries Out: “Get out of here! Leave me alone! Do not Beat Me!”
In 2009 Kote Gigashvili from Lanchkhuti was sentenced to imprisonment of 3 years and 8 months for thievery. On September 22, 2012, several months before his imprisonment term expired, prison administration called his family and notified that their son was free.

New Parliament Begins Activities Alongside Protest Demonstrations
“Akhalaias to prison!” “Freedom for arbitrary prisoners!” “Decent salaries  for miners of Chiatura mine!” “Protect our rights!”. Against a backdrop of a variety of protest slogans, noisy statements and students shouting “killers” at National Movement’s members , the first session of the eighth convocation of parliament was launched in Kutaisi on October 21.

Human Rights Center Demands Freedom of Akhmed Chataev
The nongovernmental organization Human Rights Center demands the freedom of Akhmed Chataev, detained as a result of a special operation in Lopota Gorge. According to human rights organizations, the ethnic Chechen, who has received refugee status in Austria, has been arbitrarily detained in Georgia.

Homeless Families Occupy One of the Most Demolished Buildings in Rustavi
A former three-story building of the Technical University is one of the most damaged buildings on the left embankment in Rustavi. One part of the building is completely destroyed. The rooms next to the demolished part do not have walls.

Protest in front of Telasi Office
On October 19, part of employees of Telasi Service Centers requested resignation of the company’s commercial director Zurab Arsoshvili during the protest rally in front of the central office of Telasi (Tbilisi Electricity Distribution Company). According to protesters, employees of 15 branch offices of Telasi went on strike. Their colleagues, who were sacked two months ago, also joined the rally; they requested return to their working places.

Citizens of Some Foreign States Live in Martkopi Asylum
The history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is intimately tied in to the rights of migrants and refugees. More than sixty years ago, following a world war, it was seen as vital to ensure the rights of people fleeing political persecution and conflict. As wars and repression continue throughout the world, it remains of crucial importance to ensure the safety of those people fleeing conflict zones or authoritarian regimes.
Witnesses Allege Sergeant Booted and Then Threatened Soldier
Soldiers were interrogated as witnesses in the case of 19-year-old Koba Makharashvili at Gori District Court. Soldiers alleged that sergeant Tengiz Gelashvili, whom prosecutor’s office blames in the torture of soldiers, had booted Koba Makharashvili for having secretly called from cell phone and then threatened him with compelling him to walk dressed only in pants in front of the unit that evening ; ten minutes later Makharashvili died.
Unique Truso Gorge and Travertine under Threat of Endangerment
Boring well of carbon-acid air in Truso gorge, which was about to renew functioning at the end of August, has not started working yet. Gocha Malania, father of the company Kasara Ltd’s owner, told ICMM that boring well will start working as soon as road is repaired in Truso gorge. Kasara Ltd is the only company holding license on obtaining CO2 from the boring well.
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