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Labor Party Blames GOG Misdemeanor

The Georgian Labor Party claims that soon canceled cash control machine will be introduced in the shops and their usage will again become obligatory. Members of the Labor Party represented the resolution of the Department for Revenues at today’s briefing, which falls under the scope of the Georgian Ministry of Finance, dated December 25 2007, and signed by Grigol Gobejishvili, Chairperson of that department.

In accordance to the resolution, cash control machines shall be withdrawn from the Public Registry after January 25 2008, as they have been used for recording cash transactions throughout Georgia. The document lists 17 types of the machine and “80 % of these apparatus were put into service in 2004.”

“The president has breached an earlier promise that he made to SMEs and traders. He had promised to not make them subject to tax until 2010. However, it is now in the run-up to Parliamentary Elections, and the government is suffering from lack of money and tries to make the most of the situation through this broken promise and other such machinations. We have information that the authority intends to force traders to use cash-machines after February 15,” stated Paata Jibladze, executive secretary of the party.

Labor Party responded to the statement of Nika Gilauri, the Minister of Finances, who claimed that party members had falsified the document. “If this document is falsified, the Minister should prove his claims and apply to the court and hold use responsible. Counterfeiting such a document is a crime. If he fails to prove it, then we will demand his resignation,” said Ioseb Shatberashvili, the Party’s Secretary General.

In the meantime the Labor Party calls upon all traders to join the protest demonstration that is schedule for February 15. They state that the government is not going to reach any compromise to the rightful demands of the people.

Labor Party reported that the price of the cash-machines is 300-400 GEL and it will result in increased consumer prices because this cost must be covered.

Source: Medianews

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