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The Ministry of Internal Affairs Apportioned Compensation for the Owners of the House Burnt Down During Special Operation

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is ready to pay 13 000 USD to Malkhaz Gumashvili for the burnt house during special operation. Malkhaz Gumashvili rights were defended by the Human Rights Center in court.

Malkhaz Gumashvili’s house, located in the village of Duisi in the Pankisi Valley, was burnt during special operation. Special unit attacked Gumashvili’s house in Duisi at 8:00 am on June 3, 2005. The law enforcers wanted to arrest his brother, Avtandil Gumashvili who was wanted by law enforcement bodies. Avtandil Gumashvili and his cousin Vakhtang Gumashvili were visiting Malkhaz Gumashvili at the moment. About 200 policemen took part in the special operation and set Gumashvili’s house on fire in order to force people out. Afterwards, innocent Vakhtang Gumashvili, the cousin, jumped out of the window with his hands up; he wanted to show to policemen that he was not going to resist them but he was shot.

Special operation lasted till midday. Several people were wounded and Avto Gumashvili was burnt in the house. The house was fully destroyed. Malkhaz Gumashvili’s mother and under-age daughter got a hard trauma. The child’s health worsened after several times. Her eyesight was damaged. She faints frequently and needs long medical treatment.   

Malkhaz Gumashvili brought a suit against the Ministry of Internal Affairs where he demanded to be compensated for material damage. Malkhaz Gumashvili’s rights were defended by the Human Rights Center at court.  Finally Malkhaz Gumashvili and the Ministry of Internal Affairs signed the agreement according to which the Ministry undertook the responsibility to pay 13 000 USD for the burnt house    

Nestan Londaridze, the lawyer for the Human Rights center: Initially the Human Rights Center encountered great difficulties while studying the case; the court tried to avoid case discussion. This is one of bloody operations law enforcers have carried out, two people died one of them was absolutely innocent, neighbors were wounded. The Gumashvils have lived in the bathroom of the burnt house on the cement floor for two years. Although it was easy for the Ministry to compensate the damaged family, they made similar decision just now.”

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