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Malkhaz Matsaberidze: Election Fraud, Worst Scenario for Georgia

Malkhaz Matsaberizde, political scientist, considers the new parliament that is seated with the principle of 50/50 will not be a threat to national interests of Georgia. It will be even put the country in a much better position when there will be balance between parties that will enter the parliament to take their seats, as they will than be forced to cooperate under such circumstances. 

As Malkhaz Matsaberidze reported to the Medianews, we had a multi-partial parliament only once in the history of an independent Georgia. However, this was a period that is not considered as being one of the best periods in our history. Nonetheless, the parliament adopted a constitution that is still in place.”

He also added that election fraud will be the worst possible scenario for Georgia. This is because elections are the very basis for the establishment all future state institutes. And if the base is under doubt, then the very structure of the state that we have been building over such a long period of time will be ruined. We could not succeed because we have never held a real election.”    

Based on current situation the expert observes serious distrust of the opposition parties who are expected to take part in the elections on the May 21st Parliamentary Elections. He considers that the distrust towards the election has increased after the Public Defender published the report on the events of 7th November; the report creates a negative base to conduct elections.

Malkhaz Matsaberidze considers that the worst for the post Soviet country is the situation when the winner takes control of everything. “It is great temptation for political parties who come into power and it leads them to make unforgivable mistakes,” stated the political scientist, and who added “that we would avoid similar situation in the aftermath of the elections on May 21, which will assist us in the development of democracy.

Source: Medianews   


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2015-03-06 21:13
საქართველოში ერთერთი უნიჭიერესი და პროფესიონალი პოლიტოლოგია.
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