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United Opposition vs. Head of Georgian Public Broadcasting

The United Opposition is protesting against Georgian Public Broadcasting and demands to change the form of broadcasting. Several representatives of the opposition met with Levan Kubaneishvili, GPB Director General today to discuss their demands.

The representatives of the opposition consider that the public broadcasting mostly works in favor of the government and only follows governmental instructions. ” We have concrete demands: We want the public broadcasting to cover important events developed recently in Georgia. We also want to have access to live broadcasting. Despite the fact that the GPB administration was provided with the opposition’s demand it still does not serve the public interests,” stated Zviad Dzidziguri, an opposition leader.

Salome Zurabishvili, another leader of the United Opposition states that there is no independent television in Georgia with the exception for TV Caucasus. She states that the United Opposition will struggle with legal methods endlessly to reinstate justice in the sphere of Public Broadcasting. ” We act according to law and we will struggle to return the Public Broadcasting to the people and will forget all what has transpired,” states Mrs. Zurabishvili.

Goga Khaindrava, one of the opposition leaders, demands the resignation of Levan Kubaneishvili, GPB director and states that the board of trustees must be changed in the GPB as well. He states that the board must be completed by independent journalists. The television must aquire a form of  real public broadcasting companty and offer the society interesting and important information.

Source: Medianews

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