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The Family of Koduas Affiliated with Violation of Property Rights

Tengiz Chkhivadze who is the founder of agency Dro Da Sivrtse (time-and-space) and who is also the director of this agency, serving as the head of the Union of Investigative Journalists says that the rights of property owners are being gravely violated in Georgia. He gave one specific example during a press conference which was held in Tbilisi International Press Center Ria Novosti. 

He explained that Guram Akhrakhadze, a Georgian citizen applied to the Union of Investigative Journalists for help. Akhrakhadze is the owner of 17 % share of Ltd. Sakartvelo (Georgia), together with his daughter and daughter-in-law.

Akhrakhadze informed that he and his partners were visited by Davit Kodua, the brother of Erekle Kodua, the head of Special Operative Department in June 2007. He offered Ltd. Sakartvelo shareholders to buy their shares. Soon thereafter Laura Ghachava, the mother of Davit Kodua was involved in the business negotiations.

Tengiz Chkhikvadze informs that some shareholders agreed to sell their shares to Davit Kodua. This was in reaction to when Guram Akhrakhadze had informed Ltd. Sakaratvelo shareholders long before Davit Kodua would appear that he (Akhrakhadze) had found a person who would buy their Ltd. for several million USD. The price that Akhrakhadze’s investor was offering was three times more than Laura Ghachava and Davit Kodua offered. This is why Akharakhadze refused Davit Kodua’s offer.

Tengiz Chkhikvadze said that in 2008 a meeting of Ltd. Sakartvelo shareholders was held. During this meeting the shareholders decided to restrict Akhrakhadze from taking his share of Ltd. property, such as equipment, furniture and so on upon abolishing the Ltd. which is contrary to the Georgian law on private property.

Chkhikvadze said that Akhrakhadze’s property rights are violated in other ways as well. The Union of Investigative Journalists and agency Dro Da Sivrtse tried to find out if Davit Kodia is serving his brother’s interest who is a state official. The journalistic investigation in this respect is still underway. The aim of this investigation is to prove the allegation that the property rights of this particular property owner were violated, and these allegation can be proved by actual facts.

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