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Georgian Dream won the second round of the parliamentary elections in Kutaisi


Shorena Kakabadze, Kutaisi

The Georgian Dream won the second round of the Parliamentary Elections in all three single mandate districts in Kutaisi. According to the preliminary information of the CEC, Genadi Margvelashvili of the GD gained 69, 28%, and Giorgi Tevdoradze of the UNM gained 30,75% in the single mandate district #47: in the district #48 Dimitri Mkheidze of the GD gained 75,28%, and Akaki Bobokhidze of the UNM gained 24,72%; in the district #49 Koba Narchemashvili of the GD gained 67,33%, Gigi Tsereteli of the UNM - 32.67%. 

“All in all, the process can be positively evaluated. The observed miscarriages were mostly of technical character, however, they could not influence the final results”, - Avtandil Osepashvili, the chairman of the Kutaisi DEC #59, assessed the second round of the Parliamentary Elections. 

A complaint from the precinct #37 was the most considerable among the complaints lodged to the Kutaisi DEC. It was written by the UNM members and they pointed out at the attempted carrousel in the polling station. They claimed inked citizens tried to re-vote. 

“It is a classical example of falsification, so called “Armenian” carrousel, which the government used in Kutaisi. Otherwise they could not collect votes. They knew about it and tried to falsify the results in their favor. It is crime, which shall not remain unpunished in normal countries”, - Gigi Tsereteli, the single mandate candidate from the UNM in Kutaisi majority district #49, said. 

“There were complaints that allegedly inked citizens entered the precinct and tried to re-vote. We, of course, appealed the DEC. We created a commission of 8 people, according to the DEC’s advice. We discussed the issue and 5 people against 3 decided to give a citizen right to vote, because he/she was not inked, but there was a trace of the ink from the October 8 elections”, - Rusudan Ediberidze, the chairwoman of the PEC #37 in the Kutaisi Majority District #37, declared. 

Representatives of the Kutaisi DEC #59 explain, there were attempts to re-vote by the inked citizens, but the cases were eradicated. 

“Regarding complaints, if political parties or NGOs appeal us, the DEC will discuss them and the results will be announced. Interested parties can appeal the final decision within 2 days”, - Avtandil Osepashvili, the chairman of the Kutaisi DEC #59, explained. 

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