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29 IDP Families Received New Flats


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

Eva Gvaradze’s family is one of those 29 IDP families, whom, on March 20, the Minister of IDPs from Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, handed the keys to new flats. Eva Gvaradze was displaced from Tskhinvali region 27 years ago. She, together with her family, lived in unbearable conditions in the IDP settlement in Turbaza, Gori.

“We lived in the demolished wooden cottage for 27 years. I fell off the stairs twice and broke my legs. Finally, we will live in normal conditions,” IDP Eva Gvaradze said.
28 more IDP families received flats in the five-storied residential building in Gori. They also lived in Turbaza IDP settlement. The Ministry assigned the flats to the IDPs living in the Turbaza settlement without any criteria, because based on the expertise conclusion; it was dangerous to live in the demolished cottages. Minister Sozar Subari said, by the end of the year, every IDP family will live in good conditions.

“We have finished construction of the 29-flat residential building; 21 families already received the keys. 8 flats are still empty because we need additional survey. In two-three weeks those flats will be also occupied. However, it is just a start for the Gori based IDPs; we are ending construction of 480-flat residential building and this summer every IDP living in Gori will receive a flat. Everybody will live in good conditions,” Sozar Subari said.

The building, which was rehabilitated by the Ministry of IDPs, belonged to the Ministry of Defense. The latter wanted to assign the flats to military servants but could not finalize the construction. Finally the Ministry of Defense assigned the building to the Ministry of IDPs. The rehabilitation of the building cost 565 358 GEL. 70% of people working on the construction were IDPs. 

8-storied residential building is being constructed in Kombinati settlement in Gori, which will finish in several months and 480 IDP families will receive a new flat in it. In parallel to that Gori city council assigned the buildings of four kindergartens to the Ministry of IDPs, where IDPs lived. The Minister said they will start process of registration of the properties on IDPs in the former buildings of kindergartens.

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