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Father of the Former Chief Prosecutor of Georgia Registered Property Ownership on 28 Plots in Manavi Village


Information Center of Kakheti 

Nugzar Badashvili, the father of the former Chief Prosecutor of Georgia and now the head of the investigative service at the Ministry of Finances Giorgi Badashvili, works for different state funded enterprises and his salary doubles every year. In 2016, Nugzar Badashvili registered 227 467 sq. meters of agricultural land in Manavi village, Sagarejo municipality. 

Giorgi Badashvili occupied the position of the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia in 2014-2015. Since December 2, 2015 to present he is head of the investigation service at the Ministry of Finances.

Network of Information Centers found out that in 2016, Nugzar Badashvili, the father of the former chief prosecutor, purchased 14 agricultural plots in Manavi village, Sagarejo municipality, which he unified with another 14 plots he had purchased in the past years. Finally, he registered total 227 467 sq. meters of land, almost 23 hectares, in the Public Registration Agency. He has wine-yard and fruit gardens on the land. According to the independent auditor’s evaluation, average price of 1 hectare land in Manavi village varies from 8 000 USD to 10 000 USD.

According to the property declaration of Giorgi Badashvili, in 2013, his father Nugzar Badashvili received income of 39 400 GEL from the realization of grapes and fruits from his land; in 2014 his income from the same land was 57 500 GEL, and in 2015 – 83 700 GEL. 

The Network of Information Centers got interested in the professional activities of Nugzar Badashvili and found out that since 2012 he has been working for different state-funded enterprises, where his average annual income doubled every year and was increased almost 7 times for the past 4 years.

Namely, in 2012, Nugzar Badashvili worked as a lawyer in the Ltd Solid Plural Remains Digesting Company, which was subordinated to the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure; in 2012, his annual income was 8 223 GEL but in 2013, his salary was increased 2,3 times and annual income made up 20 580 GEL.

Since 2014, Nugzar Badashvili has been working in the control and audit department of the state-owned enterprise JSC Georgian Railway; in 2014 his annual income was 39 196 GEL and in 2015 – 56 202 GEL.

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