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„I deserved and received it” – up-to half million GEL for Easter Holiday bonuses


Information Center of Kakheti

With regard to the Easter Holidays, 440 582 GEL was spent on the bonuses of the employees of the Kakheti region municipal administrations and councils. The most of them – 88 000 GEL was spent in Gurjaani municipality. “I deserved and received it” – the Gurjaani municipality governor Givi Gergidze declared. The ICK could not get his answer for what particular deed he deserved the bonus. As ICK found out, Givi Gergidze has blocked the incoming calls from ICK editorial office and its journalists on his service phone number 599 75 04 14. When the journalists tried to call him from other numbers, he answered “Do not bother me.”

Before the Easter Holidays, 58 000 GEL was spent on the bonuses in the municipality administration and council of the local self-government. 
“Have you ever inquired how low the salaries of the employees in the local self-government are? We pay bonuses to them because of that reason,” head of the financial-budgetary service of the Telavi municipal administration Mikheil Shashiashvili said.

In Kakheti region, the salary of the municipal governor is 2 650 GEL per month; the deputy governor gets 1 300 GEL; the head of the service department – 1000 GEL; head of the unit – 800 GEL; chief specialist – 560 GEL; lead specialist – 500 GEL.

60 000 GEL was spent on the bonuses in Lagodekhi municipality. 58 000 GEL was spent on bonuses in Kvareli municipality; 48 000 GEL – in Dedoplitskaro municipality; 47 000 GEL – in Signagi municipality; 40 000 GEL in Telavi city. The least money – 25 000 GEL was spent on bonuses in Akhmeti municipality administration.

Sagarejo municipal administration and council did not pay bonuses for the Easter Holidays at all; neither Akhmeta municipal council spent anything on bonuses.

In accordance to the acting law, a bonus is paid to a public servant as an award and can be allocated only based on the specific ground regulated under the Law on Public Service: perfectly implemented public duties; long-term and effective service; implementation of particularly difficult or important task. 

The local self-government bodies cannot name concrete legal grounds why the bonuses were paid to the employees for the Easter Holiday. 

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