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Baby-sitter at the Family of Gori Vice Mayor Faked Robbery of the Family


Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli

In the evening of June 15, masked people attacked the house of the Gori vice-mayor and robbed them. According to the initial information, the baby-sitter of the vice-mayor’s children was injured. The robbers took the jewelry. Law enforcement bodies started criminal investigation under the Article 179 Part II and Part III of the Criminal Code of Georgia that is about illegal entry into other’s dwelling and robbery. 

24 hours later the Ministry of Internal Affairs declared the accident resolved and blamed the baby-sitter in the faking the robbery. 

“Investigation established that M.J. (DoB 1986) who has been employed in the family of G.R. as a baby sitter already for three years, illegally appropriated jewelry from the family of his employer three months ago. As she stated in her confession she appropriated part of the jewelry from the bag located in the wardrobe and hid part of the jewelry on the top of the wardrobe. later M.J. pawned the appropriated jewelry. Owning to the fact that she failed to return stolen jewelry from the pawn shop, she staged the armed assault to cover up the traces of crime committed by her earlier.

The Detainee scattered the clothes from the wardrobe in the bedroom and lobby and threw jewelry bags on the floor of the entrance. Then she inflicted a self-injury in forehead area by hitting head against the wall, went to the bedroom and waited for the house owners to come. When house owners arrived, she stated that was subject to the armed assault,” the MIA statement reads. 

According to the MIA, the baby-sitter pledged guilty and soon the qualification of the charge will be changed. 

Neither the Gori vice-mayor, nor the family members of the baby-sitter make comments with the journalists. According to the MIA, the investigation is going under the Article 177 Part II a and b of the Criminal Code of Georgia, that is about the thievery which caused significant damage.

According to the MIA press-center, the baby-sitter of the Gori vice-mayor is not arrested. Despite the incident, Vice Mayor and his family have not appealed against the baby-sitter. 
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