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Human Rights Center and Georgian Bar Association to Cooperate in the Process of Monitoring the Work of the New Department of the Prosecutor’s Office


On May 8, representatives of Human Rights Center met the chairperson of the Georgian Bar Association Davit Asatiani, executive director of the GBA Giorgi Tchekhani and director of the training center of the GBA Ketevan Turazashvili. HRC and GBA representatives spoke about the importance to monitor the work of the department investigating the offenses committed in the course of legal proceedings in the Chief Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia and about the necessity to create effective mechanism to restore the breached rights of citizens.

In accordance to the information collected by the HRC researchers, the new department of the chief prosecutor’s office mostly investigates the cases of illegal seizure of properties and torture and inhuman treatment facts committed before 2012. There were cases when the department restituted properties to their initial owners (victims) without court decisions. In the cases, where the rights of the victims were violated, prosecutor’s office concludes violation of the victim’s rights and appeals the Appeal Court to revise the initial judgment based on recently discovered new circumstances.

GBA chairperson Davit Asatiani underlined how important close cooperation between the GBA and local NGOs is to promote fair, independent and transparent judiciary in the country. He said, unfortunately, the Georgian judiciary authority could not adequately respond to the major challenge of the last decade – miscarriages of justice. Moreover, before 2012, GBA member advocates also became victims of the impudence and violations in the judiciary system. In fact, the new department of the PO is the only mechanism created by the state to eradicate miscarriages in the judiciary system that is positive but at the same time all measures shall be taken to avoid doubts about selective justice.

Upon agreement between HRC and GBA representatives, the GBA will disseminate information among its member advocates about the monitoring project of Human Rights Center. Alongside other activities, the project aims to interview the advocates with regard to the work of the new department and get their opinions about pros and cons of the department. 

The department to investigate the offences committed in the course of legal proceedings was set up in the chief prosecutor’s office of Georgia on February 13, 2015. The department aims to investigate alleged crimes committed in the course of legal proceedings, inhuman and degrading treatment facts, cases of misappropriation of properties. 

The cooperation agreement between HRC and GBA was achieved in the frame of the project “Researching the New Department of the Chief Prosecutor’s Office”, which is implemented by Human Rights Center with financial support of the Open Society Georgia Foundation. 

Human Rights Center 

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