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Performance in the penitentiary establishment # 5


(“You are explosion of my April before the fall of my life”)

Natia Gogolashvili

The performance – “You are explosion of my April before the fall of my life” is about a former prisoner, who goes back to daily routine after a years-long imprisonment. The play is about spring, love, friendship, betrayal, motherhood, missing, problems, dreams – the life, which does not recognize closed and open spaces, which are equally painful and joyful everywhere.

With the participation of the inmates of the penitentiary establishment # 5 the performance was staged on May 15. The authors and directors of the play were the prisoners. They personally created the decoration for the stage. 

The author of the play, convicted Nana Momtsemlidze, told us that she wrote the text in one night and the rehearsals lasted three months and were organized every day. She said it was not difficult to write the play and the characters were also selected easily.

As the convicted women said, it was not difficult for them to feel the roles because all characters were very familiar and in fact they played their lives. And the heroes were – Tamar, former prisoner, who is ready to meet new opportunities and challenges in the life; her gossip neighbor Lizi; a woman who lives with dreams and also a woman who prefers to live with reality rather than with dreams; Ketino, whom partner abandoned several times; a woman who is desperately missing her children; ethnic Azerbaijani neighbor, who loudly speaks about inadmissible tradition and states that her relative 13-years-old girl should not have got married because she was still playing with dolls, and others.

The play was full of music and dances. There was poetry, humor and talks about daily problems. Urgent social issues were also discussed.

Director of the penitentiary establishment # 5 Nestan Verulashvili said, similar events are often organized in their facility. As the director said, the inmates are very talented people and they have huge opportunities. According to Nestan Verulashvili, the convicted women chose language of art to tell us about their daily life.

Representatives of the Georgian Patriarchate, nongovernmental organizations, culture, Ministry of Corrections and prison inmates attended the performance. 

The article was prepared in the frame of the project – “Monitoring Conditions of Juvenile and Female Prisoners in Georgian Penitentiary”, which is implemented by Human Rights Center with the Bulgarian Development Aid through the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Georgia. The views in the article do not necessarily express the views of the donor and it is responsible for the content of the article.

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