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Why sport school director Mamuka Abramishvili was beaten in Akhmeta



On May 26, the director of the Zurab Zviadauri Judo Sport School Mamuka Abramishvili was beaten in Akhmeta. Since then he has not appeared in the sport school.

“I heard that he was beaten. He has not appeared in the school yet. He has switched off the phone. I sent my colleagues to his home to find out the situation but he was not at home,” Akhmeta Municipality Mayor Ioseb Karumashvili told Reginfo.

According to Reginfo’s information, the incident was linked with the recent developments in the Judo Federation. Reportedly, the captain and members of the Judo National Team, as well as the Olympic champion, former majoritarian MP from Akhmeta municipality Zurab Zviadauri requested resignation of Davit Kevkhishvili from the position of the President of the Judo Federation. On May 27, the Judo sportsmen held protest demonstration in front of the Parliament in Tbilisi. During his speech in Tbilisi Zviadauri mentioned the Akhmeta incident. “I am anxious because of the yesterday’s incident in Akhmeta; you may also have heard about it,” Zviadauri said. 

Employees of the Akhmeta Sport School told Reginfo that Mamuka Abramishvili tried to take sportsmen to the protest demonstration in Tbilisi as it was requested by Zurab Zviadauri; it caused controversy between Abramishvili and Davit Kevkhishvili’s supporters.

Reginfo obtained another important information that last week Vasil Margoshvili, the founder of the Judo Club Pankisi was appointed to the position of the deputy director of the Akhmeta Sport School; Margoshvili is a friend of Davit Kevkhishvili. Pankisi Judo Club disseminated a statement with regard to the recent developments in the Federation on May 5 and declared their support to Davit Kevkhishvili.

Akhmeta Municipality Mayor Ioseb Karumashvili denied information about Vasil Margoshvili, however the employees of the Mayor’s Administration told Reginfo that the decision about Margoshvili’s appointment to the position of the deputy director changed after Mamuka Abramishvili and Zurab Zviadauri protested it.

Regardless many attempts, Reginfo could not contact Mamuka Abramishvili, Vasil Margoshvili and Zurab Zviadauri.Zurab Zviadauri published a photo, which he took together with beaten Mamuka Abramishvili. On the photo, the director of the sport school has bruises on the left eye and forehead. 

Ministry of Internal Affairs told Reginfo that they launched criminal case under Article 126 of the Criminal Code of Georgia which is about physical violence.

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