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Shida Kartli region has a new governor


გიორგი ხოჯევანიშვილი
Lado Bitchashvili, Shida Kartli 

On August 20, the Prime Minister of Georgia nominated new governors in seven regions of the country. PM appointed Giorgi Khojevanishvili to the position of the regional governor in Shida Kartli.

Head of the regional development service at the Government’s Administration Sozar Subari presented Giorgi Khojevanishvili to the senior officials of the local municipalities. 

In 2011-2013 Giorgi Khojevanishvili worked as a head of the international relations department at the Ministry of Corrections; in 2013 he moved to private sector.

On his first day on the position of the regional governor, Khojevanishvili spoke about his future plans.

“I will try to have good coordination between the local self-government, central government and people. I am aware of the challenges and needs of the region. The priority areas of my activities will be: agriculture, tourism, promotion of education and youth. Particular attention will be paid to the internally displaced population and encouragement of infrastructural projects in the region. I plan active cooperation with the investors,” the new regional governor in Shida Kartli said. 

Giorgi Khojevanishvili is not a stranger for Sozar Subari. After the ruling party changed in the country in 2012, Subari took office of the Minister of Corrections; at that time, Khojevanishvili was already working as a head of the international relations department in the Ministry. 

Journalist Irakli Kordzaia reacted to the appointment of Khojevanishvili in social network and wrote that he intimidated his employees in the ministry. 

“Giorgi Khojevanishvili was head of the international department in the Ministry of Corrections in 2011-2013. I hope, nobody needs to be reminded of what was happening in the penitentiary establishments at that time. He personally hid the real situation ongoing in the prisons from the international organizations and embassies. I will not speak about details what his employees told me how he intimidated and degraded them. I will not bother you with the story of my personal relations with him,” Kordzaia wrote in the social network and suggested journalists to find more information about the regional governor. 

“Who is curious to know more about Khojevanishvili’s work in the penitentiary system, search the reports and recommendations of the CPT (UN Committee against Torture) as well as Khojevanishvili’s answers to them. How many letters he did not respond and if responded, what he wrote,” Kordzaia added. 

Sozar Subari stated, when he took the office as the minister of corrections, Khojevanishvili was already working there. They worked together during several months and then Khojevanishvili left the ministry based on his own decision. Sozar Subari positively evaluated his work. 

“Today, his work during the previous government has been main topic of discussion. However, I would like to note that those, who committed crimes in the past, shall be punished. Those, who were experienced personnel, shall have opportunity to continue their work,” Sozar Subari said and added that when they discussed candidature of Khojevanishvili for the position of the regional governor, he once again checked his past experience and famous human rights defender Sofio Japaridze positively evaluated him. 

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