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City full of death


Ana Dolidze, Liberali

Put on your best cloths. Look at your kids carefully and embrace them. Call your mom. Call your friends. Look through your house documents and check whether everything is fine. You will die soon. You will die in a car crash. People die like that in this city. One day, you will have a breakfast in the morning together with your family, will leave children near the school and then go to work. When you drive through the third traffic jam, in one of the squares in the city, a young driver of an unrepaired BWM, which is driving at high speed, will not be cautious for passive patrol inspectors and crash you on your way. People will call ambulance but because of traffic jams it will be late 20 minutes and you will die. People die like that in this city. Or, you may not drive a car at all and things may develop in a different way. There is a zebra-crossing near your house and you are waiting for your child to get off the bus; a sunstroke driver, who is diving in his mobile phone while driving the car, will not stop at the passage. Later, he will really regret it but it will not help you because you will be already dead. 

It may happen otherwise. You may die of lung-cancer. There is a petrol station 200 meters away from your house; in front of your residential building, another building is being constructed instead of a park. After work, you will sit in a café together with your friends; but there is much more poison in the air near that café than oxygen – one of these poisoned sources will do its job. People die like that in this city. Your family will do everything to save you, to send you to Germany for medical treatment, to collect money but German doctors will be sorry for not being able to help you and issue a bill for the hospital service. You will die because any of many sources of pollution will win over you. 

Or, next week you will plan to send your child to an outing in Ananuri; you will get off the car to lead him across the road. The glasses on the right building will not be properly installed and will fall on you; you will die on the place. Police will arrive and surround the site with yellow ribbon; they will start investigation but it will no longer help you.

There are many other versions. You have been unsuccessfully collecting money for central heating for many years; one day your old gas heater will leak gas and after all-day calling, your friends will find you dead in your house – sleeping in peace. Or your house will not have emergency stairs outside the building and you will not be able to escape the fire caused by old electricity wires. Or, you will go swimming and nobody will warn you that there is moving sand in the lake or river that is dangerous. Then they will be looking for you for several days and find dead. Or either outrageous former father-in-law or former share-holder will kill you.

Anyway, prepare your best cloths and embrace your children because you will die. You believe it will not happen with you but people die like that in this city. 

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