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Human Rights Center and Zaza Saralidze request meeting with the chief prosecutor of Georgia


On February 1, Human Rights Center and the father of the teenage boy killed in the Khorava street Zaza Saralidze held joint press-conference with regard to the ongoing process over the Khorava teenage murder case in the Appellate Court and several other cases which are related with Zaza Saralidze and his public protest. 

Regardless the official address of Human Rights Center, the Georgian prosecutor’s office has not yet studied the fact of MIA’s hindering the protester fathers of the killed son to install the temporary constructions (tent) that is blatant violation of the Constitution of Georgia and legislation, illegal interference in the right of peaceful assembly. 

On January 3, the fathers of the killed sons became subjects of unlawful oppression, when, without any legal documents, they were told to appear in front of the court after 7 days and they would be arrested. The threat was connected with the criminal case launched against Zaza Saralidze, which was clear example how the state turned the victim into a defendant. Regardless the status of defendant, for the entire society Zaza Saralidze is a victim even in this court proceeding. 

Human Rights Center believes it is not justified that the investigation is conducted only unilaterally and nothing is done to hold the MIA officers responsible, who, without any legal grounds and documents, seized and abducted tents. The society saw these scenes on TV.

Human Rights Center requests meeting with the Chief Prosecutor of Georgia to enable the victim and his lawyer to personally talk with him about the problems with regard the criminal case launched against Zaza Saralidze. 

Human Rights Center 

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