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Investigation Launched into the Forceful Recruiting of a Chechen Refugee to the Georgian Army

gazvwva.jpgA military commissioner and councilor of the village of Jokolo might be detained for the forceful recruiting of a Chechen refugee to the Georgian army.  Mr. Vakhid Borchashvili was released from military service two months after non-governmental organizations became involved in his case.  However, his family is demanding that his offenders be punished.

The incident happened on September 9, 2006 in Akhmeta District.  At approximately six in the morning, officers from the Duisi Police Department took a Chechen refugee, Mr. Vakhid Borchashvili, by force to the Regional Military Commissariat.

After this, Mr. Borchashvili’s father, Valiko Borchashvili, demanded his son be returned home.  He applied to the Human Rights Information and Documentation Centre for help.  Mr. Davit Managadze, a lawyer at the Centre discovered many infringements [of Mr. Borchashvili’s rights] having investigated his case in detail (see details at http://www.humanrights.ge/geo/articles.php?tbl=articles&id=414 ).

The Centre and the elder Borchashvili appealed to General Prosecutor and General Inspection of the Defense Ministry pleading the case in detail and enclosing supporting documents.  The appeal resulted in a preliminary investigation and the release of the detained Borchashvili.

Mr. Borchashvili demands [legal] actions be taken against the Military Commissariat for the violation [of his rights], including criminal punishment.  Mr. Managadze stated that Mr. Borchashvili was released from the military unit on October 5 on the basis of a medical commission’s finding that he was ineligible for military service: "We can not say whether the commission released him because he was an illegal recruit or because of his physical state".
Journalist for the Human Rights and Information and Documentation Centre (HRIDC) contacted an investigator at the military police station who was involved the case.  Investigator Robinzon Nuroshvili stated as follows: "Regarding the case I visited Akhmeta and conducted all necessary activities to investigate the facts.  I questioned the father of the victim and others too.  A criminal case has been initiated under Georgian Criminal Code, Article 362, [which prohibits] the forging of documents.  We must discover who drafted the [fraudulent] document and why the commissariat recruited the person to military service on the basis of that document. The case is quite a complicated and will require sufficient time."

If the author of the fraudulent document and those who used it are found guilty, they will face a fine or three-year imprisonment.

Eka Gulua

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