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“Cow Settlement” Reached at Imereti Region Executive Bureau
On March 24 2008 Durmishkhan Khurtsilava, Khoni District executor of the Imereti Region Executive Bureau, with the support of the Human Rights Center’s Imereti Office concluded forcible judgment  based on a court verdict. The socially excluded family finally received justice after a protracted fight of five years.

A Community Sold Out
The sorted history of how eight families were deprived of their property by a government that has forgotten its responsibilities!

Eight families residing in Pushkini Street # 13 in Batumi are now homeless. Their homes were auctioned off under the banner of privatization. No consideration was given to the fact that they had documents supporting their property rights by district board that previously existed. These documents stipulated that the now exiled families were to receive alternative flats in newly constructed residential buildings. However, the territory was sold out without any responsibilities.

Changes Resulting from Constitution Amendments
There are no more places for Abkhazian majority MPs in the Georgian Parliament

Amendments to the Constitution were supported by 152 MPs and voted against by 2 MPs. The amendments aimed to increase the number of majority MPs in the Georgian parliament. However, opposition parties protested the change before it was adopted, even boycotting the vote.

Budget Increases at the Expense of Drug-Addicts
The   total amount of the money transferred to the national budget as a result of imposed fines from both recreational drug users and hard core addicts has totaled more than 14 million GEL. Fines are based on two articles in acting Georgian legislation.  Experts consider the courts are ordered from above to impose fines on addicts. Various allowances envisaged under the current legislation on drugs, have been removed from the draft law. It appears that the motivation is to increase fines four fold.
Not Guilty Findings in Batumi
Courts of Adjara Autonomous Republic have not passed any verdicts of not guilty in the last two years. According to official statistics the number of plea-bargains has been increased. “I have not seen anyone found not guilty in the courts as of yet. How can we speak about justice in such an unjust country,”- it is the collective attitude of Batumi residents when it comes to situation that now exists in the judiciary system.

Trafficking or Family Tragedy?
The Criminal Case Chamber of the Kutaisi Appeal Court is now discussing a criminal case that has turned into a family tragedy. A balance is sought on the scales of justice when it comes to the adoption of an infant. Was it a crime of trafficking or not?

Draft Law on Drugs: A Step Forward or Pre-election Hype
Why and for whom was the draft law drawn up?

Supposedly, there are 250 thousand drug-abusers living in Georgia. Experts think the aim of the current law that is to punish drug addict is one that is being currently discussed in various committees of the Georgian Parliament. Who is eager to classify drug-abusers into drug dealers? Why cannot non-governmental organizations accept the draft law at face value? And in general what will the draft law really make any difference in this sphere?

Two Prisoners Died
“I Will Not Give Up My Land Even if I Need to Appeal to Strasbourg Court”
Dispute on transfer and barter is still under way

Batumi City Hall is in a property dispute with “Sheremeti Ltd” located on # 16 Firosmani Street in Batumi. The Batumi City Hall annulled the resolution based on which Sheremeti received 277 sq. meters of non-agricultural property in exchange for other territory.
Georgian Citizen against the Russian Federation
On October 20, 2006 Russian policemen arrested thirty-one-year-old Lia Shioshvili, mother of four children in her own house in Ruza, Russia. Without having informed anyone they locked the pregnant woman in the district police isolator for preliminary detention along with her young children.
The Head of Police Department is Accused for Beating a Georgian Citizen
Gela Kutibashvili blames Otar Dighmelashvili, the Sighnaghi District Police department for physical assault. As a result of the incident Kutibashvili sustained a variety of injuries to body, including eight broken teeth, a cut lip and a broken lower jaw. Despite the injuries, law enforcers detained Gela Kutibashvili for resisting arrest. The Sighnaghi District Court has already sentenced him to seven-day term in jail. In the evening of March 6 the lawyer was kicked out of the hospital where she met the injured person under the direct order of Ioseb Gulashvili, Sighnaghi District Prosecutor.
A Five- year-sentence for Finding Scrap-iron on a Dump
Tamaz Nadirashvili, 38 an invalid of the first category was sentenced by Gurjaani Court to five years in prison for searching for scrap-iron at a dump. Even when what would have appeared to have been an outrageous verdict, the decision of the Gurjaani District Court was not changed by the Tbilisi Court on appeal.  Now a disabled prisoner from the Tbilisi Penitentiary Establishment # 5 is urging the Georgian President to pardon him. The convicted person has two children-fifteen-year-old daughters and six-year-old boy. Both of them suffer from an acute form of epilepsy. They and their mother are doing all what they can to get justice for the head of the family.
Numerous Witnesses of Guram Sharadze’s Murder: What Does the “Edited” Video Actually Show?
Almost one year has already passed since Guram Sharadze, famous Georgian Scientist, was brutally murdered in Tbilisi. The case has been investigated and the responsible person caught and sentenced. However, is the right person spending hard time or has someone been set up to take a fall for a crime he did not commit. The convicted murder is not considered as being guilty by the  family of Guram Sharadze. They consider that  an innocent person is behind bars. Rusudan Sharadze, the  daughter of Guram Sharadze, cannot believe that her father was murdered by Giorgi Barateli. This begs many questions: What has Rusudan Sharadze found out since the death of her father? What do scores and scores of witnesses and video-recorded footage reveal about the murder? The Human Rights Center has interviewed Rusudan Sharadze. 
Abkhazian De-facto Government Supposes to Release Malkhaz Basilaia and Davit Tsotsoria
Officials from the Abkhazian De-facto Government claim that Davit Tsotsoria was also an employee of the Georgian TV Company “Mze” along with Malkhaz Basilaia, the journalist working for the TV Company. Sergei Bagapsh, the president of the self-proclaimed Abkhazian Republic spoke about the possible release of both detainees after Abkhaz journalists officially appealed to him with the request during a special meeting in Sokhumi. If Malkhaz Basilaia and Tsotsoria are not found guilty for anything other than illegal crossing of the border, like spying, then they will be set free in the nearest future.

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