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People Imprisoned Under Request of the Regional Governor
In the evening of November 27, the residents of the Vazisubani village in Gurjaani district held protest rally near the Telavi-Tbilisi motorway. About 100 people protested the suspension of the electricity supply to the village by the JSC “Kakheti Energy Distribution Company”. Later, several people blocked the Telavi-Tbilisi motorway.
Zugdidi District Court Passed Verdict on “Svaneti Case”
Judge Davit Kekenadze at the Zugdidi district court passed verdict on the people convicted for the extortion of particularly large amount of money. Consequently, Neli Naveriani and Mzevinar Japaridze will spend 4 years in prison, Tariel, Davit and Anzor Japaridzes will spend 4 years and 6 months in prison and sought Jambul Japaridze will have to serve 6 years in prison. www.presa.ge has already published a letter about the famous detention (http://www.presa.ge/new/?m=politics&AID=618).
Juvenile Offender Will Have Chance to Expiate His/Her Crime
A new norm within the Georgian Criminal Procedure Code that aims to keep juvenile offenders out of jail becomes valid starting November 15, 2010. 
Telavi TV Director Was Attacked and Wounded
 Last night, the director of the TV-Company “Tanamgzavri” Enry Kobakhidze was wounded. The incident occurred in the village of Pshaveli in Telavi district where he was at his relative’s wedding. Enry Kobakhidze reported that officer of the Special Unit Gela Chvritidze attacked him. Kobakhidze connects the incident with his professional activities. Several days before, Chvritidze requested joint management of the TV-Company but Kobakhidze refused.
10 Years and 8 Months – for Stealing Cigarette, Vodka and Beer
Chairman of the Telavi district court Mamuka Tsiklauri imposed imprisonment of 10 years and 8 months on 16-year-old Malkhaz Mzekalishvili for stealing cigarette, beer and vodka from the shop. Although specialist state that Malkhaz Mzekalishvili’s mental and physical development stopped at the age of 11, the judge did not satisfy any motion of the attorney on medical expertise of the convicted.
Vardzelashvili’s Car Was Scratched by Knife
 Who caused 230 GEL worth of damage to the property of Mr. Vano Vardzelashvili and spent four months in prison for it? The official documents gathered by the Gori office of the Human Rights Center demonstrate that this person scratched the bonnet of the former regional governor’s car by day in the town center. According to the information available, this person was cursing Mr. Vardzelashvili.
Statement of the South Caucasus Network of Human Rights Defenders about “Accused Victims”
 Human Rights NGOs undersigned below express their concern regarding the recent judgment of the Tbilisi City Court sentencing 6 youngsters to 3 years and 4 months imprisonment for hooliganism, the fact of which has not been established by reliable evidence, and despite a number of elevating circumstances present in the case. This comes as a particularly harsh sentence in comparison with a pattern of sentences applied e.g., against law enforcement officials who were found guilty of causing deprivation of citizens’ lives.  Just to compare: for the murder of Buta Robakidze, 19, the police officer was sentenced to a 4-year-imprisonment (in 2006) and the murderers of Girgvliani, 27, did not even spend the 4 years in prison, being pardoned by the President (in 2009).
“How My Daughter Turned Up in Malaysia With Two Bags of Drugs!” The Mother of Babutsa Gordadze Wonders
The death penalty might be imposed on two Georgian women for spreading drugs in Malaysia. The possible main suspect in this crime disappeared after  Malaysian law enforcement bodies suspected him. The suspect, who took the two Georgian women to Turkey to work in a Jeans Shop, has yet to be found.
Government VS Batumi Based Family of Galogres
 Batumi residents connect the detention of Ruslan Galogre with the wish of the government to seize the hotel from the family of Galogres. Ruslan’s brother – former head of Georgia-Turkey custom house, late Oleg Galogre – built the hotel during Aslan Abashidze’s governance in Adjara.
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