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Georgia under fire over refugee evictions
TBILISI, Aug 27 (Reuters) - Georgia is coming under fire from human rights groups over the forced eviction of hundreds of people displaced by war from state-owned buildings the government hopes to privatise.
Lips Sewn Shut with Black Thread
Approximately 10 people have been on a hunger strike at the Ministry of IDPs for two days now. Four of them have sewn their lips shut. The Ministry officials are taking vacations.
“Basishvili Clan” Against One Family
Marina Bejashvili, diagnosed with second stage of oncologic disease, lives in the 111th cottage of Khurvaleti settlement. It has been 8 months now the electricity is turned off in her house. Energo-Pro Georgia representatives switched the electricity off as a compulsory measure since her family had a debt of more than 500 lari. According to Transparency International Georgia, these debts are payments for the electricity spent during the cottage constructions.
The public defender advises Koba Subeliani to emphasize certain aspects of the eviction process of IDPs
The public defender shares the inevitability of the long-term eviction of IDPs, issued by the government order (according to 2009-2012 state strategy concerning the IDPs). The ombudsman addresses the Ministry of IDPs from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees to emphasize on the certain aspects of the eviction process.
The government is oppressing IDPs
“The Bartholomew night for IDPs” – this is how media evaluated the mass eviction of the IDPs from Tbilisi compact residence places. For an unpopular process like this, government chose the politically most passive month –August. Most of the opposition party leaders take vacations in different resorts at this time; the same can be said about the ordinary citizens – the live force of the protest rallies.
The Opposition activists arrested at the protest rally of IDPs and the open market sellers
 On February 19th, the Transfiguration Day, the joint protest rally of IDPs and the open market sellers ended up with the arrest of the opposition party members. The police officers arrested one of the leaders of the “People’s Party,” Aleko Shalamberidze and the founder of the youth movement “No.” They tried to arrest the “Conservative Party” member Lasha Chkhartishvili as well, but because of the resistance of the protest rally participants, they could not manage to do so.
Living in “Severe Conditions”
“The Georgian authorities must do more than the bare minimum to provide adequate housing, employment and access to health care to those displaced as a result of the conflicts in the 1990s and the war with Russia in August 2008. Displaced people need more than just roofs over their heads,” – stated Nicola Duckworth, Europe and Central Asia Programm director of the international organization “Amnesty International.”
The government chose a politically “dead season” to fight the open market sellers and IDPs.
The heat of August reached its peak in Tbilisi. Nobody wants to come out in the 40-50 degrees, but the police is using the “dead season” to attack the open market sellers and IDPs. The open market sellers and IDPs are holding protest rallies, but few people support them in the heat of the summer, except for Lasha Chkhartishvili from the “Conservative Party” and Aleko Shalamberidze from “People’s Party,” the names that appear whenever the talk about the eviction of the open market sellers occurs.
“When we were losing the Kodori Valley, I knew that it would be very hard to get it back”
Exactly two years ago, the separatist armies of Russia and Abkhazia raised their flags in Chkhalta. The elders and children had already left the Kodori Valley, later, all the Svans left the place as well. It’s been two years now that upper Abkhazia is left in the hands of the occupants. The Svans from Kodori are living with their memories.
Water is flooding in the basement of the newly restored building of IDPs.
The four storied building of IDPs at #6 Lomuri St has just been restored. The doors and windows have been replaced, the building has been cosmetically repaired, and individual bathrooms have been provided. Even an amusement park for children has been arranged in the yard. The building has been painted  in pink, and  briefly, we can say that the IDPs were provided with human living conditions. However,  there just one little thing that was not considered, and as a result, nearly a half meter of water floods the basement of the renewed building.
Do you support the idea to restore Irakli Shotadze to the position of the prosecutor general?
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